Ninavism - The Philosophy of Immortality
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1. Technological Immortality
2. Final Immortality
3. Life Creation and Propagation
4. Life Centres in the Universe
5. Reincarantion Combined with Resurrection
6. Complete Model of Immortality
7. Postimmortality
8. History & Evolution of Immortality
9. Ninavism
10. Supernatural Forces
11. Problem of Evil
12. Epistemology
13. Methodology
14. Compatibilities of Immortalities
15. Heaven(s) & Hell(s)
16. Implementation of Final Immortality
17. Implementation of Present Immortality
18. Paradoxes & Puzzles of Final Immortality
19. Animals & Plants
20. Atheism
21. Population Control
22. Gays
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Chapter 22


Summary of Chapter

Homosexuality is present in human and animal populations - sexual or semi-sexual interactions between animals of the same gender are commonly observed. It is harder to investigate in animals, because they are not able to talk about love, or, presumably, to develop it. Love between two individuals of the same gender is neither a necessary nor sufficient condition for homosexuality. There are many gays who do not love each other, but still maintain sexual relations. There are even larger numbers of heterosexual people, who love a person of the same gender, but do not maintain sexual relationships, and cannot be classified as gays.
      Maintaining sexual relations with a person of the same gender is a better indicator of homosexuality. However, even this is not completely fool proof. There are a large number of people who love or are sexually attracted to a person of the same gender, but deliberately refrain from engaging in sexual relations for cultural or other reasons. Also, there are cases of heterosexual people, who dislike homosexual relations, but participate in them for personal gains, like money, although this is rare. Sexual relations are a better indicator of homosexuality than love. The term 'gay' is modern - the Holy books of antiquity do not use this word. It refers to both males and females - the Sacred texts refer only to homosexual males.

Inborn Versus Learned

Homosexual inclinations and desires come in continuities of strength, ranging from almost none to a total transformation into the opposite gender. In the weakest form, gays are almost not distinguishable from heterosexuals. In the strongest form, they are almost not distinguishable from the opposite gender. Are people born homosexual, or rather, do they learn homosexual attitude later during life? It seems that gays, in the strongest form, are born as such. Some children display homosexual behaviour from an early age without anyone teaching them. Gays, in the weakest form, frequently learn about it from the environment or from other homosexuals.
      Is the homosexual attitude changeable to heterosexual? Gays, in the weak form, are frequently curable. They are able to suppress their homosexual desires, or they can learn to be bisexuals. The experience proves that homosexuals in the strongest form, are not changeable. The homosexual desires in them are so strong that they do not get excited by the opposite gender in the slightest way.


Since many, if not most gays are born such, it is not their fault that they have homosexual's desires. They can only blame parents, Nature, or Supernatural Forces for implanting homosexual desires in them. Due to their involuntary character, homosexual tendencies cannot be evaluated on moral ground as wrong or right. What can possibly be judged as morally bad or good is the lack of restrictions on homosexual desires or refraining from imposing some control upon them.

Influence on Breeding Rate

The main influence of gays on the rest of the population is their capacity, or incapacity, to have a family and children, and rearing them. Physiologically, gays are not capable of having natural children with their own partners. They can arrange to have natural children with a substitute partner. These substitutes are not replacements for the heterosexual partner, because they do not stay permanently together, and they do not look after the children. Most gays prefer not to have children for psychological, sociological, and economical reasons. This leads to a decrease in the human breeding rate. Reduction in population growth is the main influence that gays have on society.

Historical Context

Is the decrease in population growth a good or a bad thing? It depends on the circumstances of the society. In times when the particular society is low in numbers and in need of increasing its population, gays have a negative impact on the breeding rate. However, in times when a particular society is too large and in need of reducing its numbers, gays have a positive impact. For this reason, the impact of homosexuality on a human population is relative to a historical context. One evaluation was done in biblical times. In that age, the population was low and gays were not welcomed. This finds reflection in condemnation of homosexuality by all three Abrahamic religions. Any penalties imposed on gays, such as sins, need to be interpreted in the historical context of the biblical period, when an increase in the population was of paramount importance.
      In the current age, when planet earth is grossly overpopulated, gays have a positive impact by reducing population growth. Heterosexual people should be thankful to gays for doing that job. There is little religious justification for the condemnation of gays in present times. If, in the distant future, the population drops to a level so low that it will endanger the existence of the human species (with Immortality not reached yet), then homosexuality will be condemned again. This analysis shows that gays' influence on society depends on the particular historical situation. It will be re-evaluated again in the future a multiple number of times, with the value dependent on a number of factors.

Children of Gays

Scientific research has proved that, statistically, children are better off having heterosexual parents, rather than homosexual. It is not in the interest of children to have a single father, single mother, or same-sex parents. Can homosexual parents be blamed for not providing the best environment for children? The answer is yes and no. It is Yes, because despite knowing the results of scientific research, some gays persist in having children. It is No, because many heterosexual parents also have children, knowing very well that their family is far from perfect, that they are not able to provide the best environment for the children, and despite this they still insist on having children.
      Gays who have children defy their destiny, which is their main advantage in an overpopulated society. Gays with children are no longer beneficial to society in reducing the breeding rate. Research has shown that, statistically, children of gay parents do not receive the best psychological comfort. For this reason, it is better if gays refrain from having children, or even are banned from having them. One can wonder why some gays are interested in having any children at all. There are a few reasons. The first one is strong family pressure to continue dynasty and to pass genes on. Due to this, some gays try to please families by producing children just to satisfy them. Some gays feel a genuine desire to have children. This might have been ingrained in their brains since early childhood, when their heterosexual parents praised children.

Impact on Family Ties

Almost all gays are born into heterosexual families. Most heterosexual parents develop a desire for children and grandchildren early in their life, even before they get married. They frequently dream about establishing a long-lasting dynasty. Commonly, parents work hard to ensure that their future descendants will live well. The strong expectation of the family's continuation, growth, and development, is deeply engrained in their brains. In such situations, when parents discover at a late age that their only child is a gay, they are devastated. This is one aspect of homosexuality that is usually negative. Gays break the family ties and destroy relations within families. The biggest adversaries of gays are their own parents, even if others benefit from it. It is hard to convince parents that their only homosexual son or daughter is beneficial to an overpopulated society. Parents of gays are the main losers.


Some people condemn gays by claiming that their sex is dirty. Well it is, but sex between a heterosexual couple is also dirty. Inserting an intimate male organ into a female body opening that is normally used to discharge dirty urine, is not particularly hygienic. Philosopher Kant called sexual acts undignified. Nature created the reproduction of humans and most other animals to be unhygienic. Animals that reproduce by the external disposition of sperm, such as fish, are more hygienic than humans. Sex by a male homosexual with the inserting of an intimate organ into a body opening that is normally used to discharge excrement, is certainly unhygienic, but it is not much more unhygienic than heterosexual relations. Sex by female gays is also unhygienic, because it frequently involves licking urine-discharging organs - but heterosexual couples do the same.

Discrimination Versus Inequality

Gays are normally a small minority. Even if the future society relaxes its attitude towards homosexuals, they will always remain a minority. Some might claim that it is the result of discrimination. This is not true. There are strong biological and psychological reasons for gays to be a small minority. Heterosexuals are able to live without gays - the society that is 100% heterosexual without even one gay, is feasible. However, a society that is 100% homosexual is impossible. If one day the entire society became homosexual, the human race would die out and become extinct in a very short period of time, within a few generations. Gays are unable to live without heterosexuals. Gays are dependent on heterosexuals - without them, gays will not be born.
      Gays frequently complain about discrimination. The physical attacks and abuse of homosexuals is obviously wrong. It is also wrong to punish gays economically and disadvantage them; discrimination is bad. However, complete equality between heterosexuals and gays is impossible. Some extreme gays activists try to achieve total equality between heterosexual and gays, claiming that anything less than equality is discrimination. This is incorrect. It is similar to relations between men and women. It is wrong to discriminate against women or men. However, there is no complete equality between them, and there will never be. Inequality between men and women is not a discrimination; it is the result of biological differences. Similarly, some inequalities between homosexuals and heterosexuals are not discrimination.
      In the case of gays, the complete lack of discrimination will be difficult or impossible to achieve. There are strong psychological factors that make the total removal of discrimination very difficult, regardless of the laws protecting gays. Heterosexual people have a strong natural inclination to look to the future, to multiply, to raise the next generation, to maintain strong family ties. These mental attitudes work against gays. Even if the laws completely protect gays, there will be always people who dislike homosexuals because they break the usual rules of behaviour. Gays need to get used to it, and ignore it; most of them already have.

Present Immortality for Gays

According to CMI (Complete Model of Immortality), Present Immortality for gays is the same as for all other people. The quality of their life in Immediate World depends on moral conduct in this world. For example, gays who are criminals and crooks on the earth are punished in Immediate life, while those with high morality are rewarded. The question arises: are gays punished in Present Immortality for being homosexual on the earth? The answer depends on the historical context in which they lived on the earth. Gays living in biblical times, when homosexual practices were justifiably condemned, are punished in Immediate World. Gays living in the current age, where there is no or little justification for condemnation due to overpopulation, are not punished in Present Immortality for homosexual behaviour.

Gays in Final World

According to Ninavism, homosexuality has no bearing on Final Immortality. Gays who believe in Immortality will be in Final World. Atheist gays, that are those who do not believe in Immortality, will not be in Final World. Note that Atheism is defined in Ninavism as a disbelief in Immortality, which is different from a disbelief in traditional Supernatural Forces. See the chapter ATHEISM for a detailed discussion.
      Will gays from the earth remain homosexual in Final Immortality? In theory, it is easier to be gay in Final World than it is on the earth. This is due to the lack of sexual reproduction in Final life. Because everyone in Final Immortality is sterile, one might claim that everyone is gay, in this respect. However, it is not quite correct.
      Heterosexual couples from the earth, while infertile, will still have sexual organs in Final Immortality, and they will be able to perform sexual acts, even if nobody gets pregnant. Similarly, gays in Final Immortality will have sexual organs, and they will have the capacity to carry out homosexual acts. Will they really do that? Perhaps gays from the earth will be created in Final World not in their homosexual Reincarnation from this world, but rather as a different heterosexual Reincarnation. Some gays on the earth are just a temporary Reincarnation of heterosexual people, who are created in order to reduce the population.

Key Points of Chapter: