Ninavism - The Philosophy of Immortality
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1. Technological Immortality
2. Final Immortality
3. Life Creation and Propagation
4. Life Centres in the Universe
5. Reincarantion Combined with Resurrection
6. Complete Model of Immortality
7. Postimmortality
8. History & Evolution of Immortality
9. Ninavism
10. Supernatural Forces
11. Problem of Evil
12. Epistemology
13. Methodology
14. Compatibilities of Immortalities
15. Heaven(s) & Hell(s)
16. Implementation of Final Immortality
17. Implementation of Present Immortality
18. Paradoxes & Puzzles of Final Immortality
19. Animals & Plants
20. Atheism
21. Population Control
22. Gays
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Chapter 17

Implementation of Present Immortality

Summary of Chapter

Present Immortality has three component forms: Immediate life, Reincarnation, and Semi-Permanent World. Immediate Immortality starts directly after the death of each person. Reincarnation and entry to Semi-Permanent World are postponed until the end of Immediate life. Complete Model of Immortality (CMI) supports the view that Immediate life lasts from one day to 100 years, depending on the particular individual. Present Immortality stands in contrast to Final World that no individual has reached yet. There are four possible mechanisms by which Present Immortality is created and maintained: by Aliens, Nature, Supernatural Forces, or Humans of Future.

Natural Anthropomorphic Creation by Aliens

The model described in this section assumes that Aliens are responsible for the creation and maintenance of Present Immortality for humans on the earth.

Communication between the Earth and World of Aliens

In order to create individualized life, Aliens must know everything that happens on the earth. The question arises: how is it possible that Aliens know everything about people, and men know nothing or little about them? There are several theories about it. The first explanation is that the flow of information between the earth and the world of Aliens is unidirectional. The next explanation is that the flow of information is bi-directional, which is both ways, but the underlying physical medium carrying out information is not detectable by present day science. Alternatively, Aliens are able to access Records of the Universe described in the chapter IMPLEMENTATION OF FINAL WORLD.

Technological Immediate Immortality

Aliens can create Immediate Immortality in many ways. One possibility is to recreate humans in supercomputer that Aliens undoubtedly would have in much improved form than humans on the earth. The process of creating Immortality in this way would be similar to the method used by Humans of Future to create Final World; it is described in the chapter IMPLEMENTATION OF FINAL WORLD. Another way would be the creation of Immediate Immortality in material or spiritual form in the world of Aliens. Aliens carry out Judgements on each individual in a similar manner as human courts on the earth. As a result of Judgement, the quality of Immediate life for a particular person range from good to bad, depending on morality and conduct during life on the earth. The CMI supports the view that Immediate Immortality is temporary, lasting at the most 100 years for each deceased person, or until all people known to one have died.


Aliens carry out Reincarnation of humans on the earth depending on the level of their technological advancement.


Reincarnation of a person does not involve the retransmission of human from the world of Aliens back to the earth. It is rather the reassignment of one's Identity to a person born naturally on the earth. Judgements carried out by Aliens affect the quality of Immediate life, and also the quality of rebirths. People on the earth are born accordingly to the Laws of Nature without any interference by Aliens. Aliens decide how Identity of a person terminating painlessly life in Immediate Immortality, is assigned to a person born naturally on the earth. Identity of a man whose last life was good (but possibly not perfect as in this case a person might be in Semi-Permanent World) is assigned to a new life that is potentially good. There is no guarantee that life of the newly born person would be really healthy and happy.

Technological Reincarnation

Reincarnation run by Aliens is industrialized, that is carried out accordingly to the level of technology available at the world of Aliens. The question is why Aliens would not keep a person permanently in their world, without need for Reincarnation. There are several answers to that. The first one is that for some people, whose last life was very unhappy, rebirth is beneficial. The second explanation for need of rebirth is that Aliens might not have sufficient resources to keep everyone in Immediate World forever. For example, they might have insufficient number of supercomputers in which Immediate Immortality is maintained. The third explanation of rebirths is that without them, there might be not enough space in Final Immortality where everyone who lived on the earth since creation of mankind is supposed to coexist simultaneously. Rebirths reduce overall population of Final World.

Technological Semi-Permanent World

Technological Semi-Permanent World maintained by Aliens could be in different supercomputers than those supporting Immediate Immortality. It would be easy for Aliens to move people from temporary Immediate Immortality to Semi-Permanent one. It would be like copying programs and data from one computer into another. There is a good economic justification to keep technological Semi-Permanent World for very long period of time, like 10 million years, until Final World is created. They are in a sleep-like condition, therefore use little power.

Natural Non-Anthropomorphic Creation (by Nature)

Natural model of Present Immortality described by Ninavism assumes that some organisms on the earth start growing into invisible world during their lifetime. The growth into invisible world is similar to growth of spirits inside this world. A spirit is a psychological entity related to a process of thinking. People and animals have spirits, but not plants. The spirits reside in the visible world, in the brains. When biological organism grows, the spirit also develops. The psychological entity related to a process of thinking is either spiritual or material. It might be treated as a separate ontological substance such as spiritual reality, or it can be treated as property of material substance forming the structure of a brain. In one way or the other, it is built around the process of thinking and depends on the material brain.
      The growth of organism into invisible world is similar, but ontologically it is different than for spirit. The growth into invisible world depends upon spirit and process of thinking in this world. However, the result of the growth is different. Spirits reside in this world, whereas the outgrowth into invisible world forms the ontological substance that is outside this world. One particular implementation of the growth ontology is illustrated by the concept of dark matter. The dark matter is something similar to ordinary matter, except it is invisible. Physicists of the current age assume the existence of dark matter in order to explain gravitational forces inside the universe. According to this hypothesis, the space is filled out by ordinary matter and dark matter; they are intermixed. Physicists try to detect and observe dark matter directly, but they have been unsuccessful so far. That is the reason they call it 'dark', because it is invisible - people interfere in its existence.
      Ninavism uses the term 'material soul' to refer to the growth of living organism into invisible world. The matter that forms this soul is different than the one known in this world. The dark matter would be one particular implementation of material soul; certainly other undiscovered alternatives exist. The word 'soul' has been used extensively in philosophy and religion and needs to be treated with caution. There are many different concepts of soul. The idea described by Ninavism bears some similarities to concepts of soul used by other philosophies, but it has also many distinct features.
      In the view of Ninavism, the growth of material souls into invisible world depends on capacity to develop morality. Not all organisms living on the earth grow souls. They grow only for organisms that are able to develop morality. Plants do not have brains and are not able to develop morality. Therefore, plants have no souls. Most animals have a brain that is underdeveloped, and not capable of morality. Therefore, animals normally do not have souls, but there are exceptions to that.
      The link between morality and belief in Immortality on one hand, and strength, quality and structure of material souls in the invisible world, might be envisioned in materialistic terms using the concept of dark matter. Processes of thinking about morality and Immortality carried out by normal matter in the material brain, has influence on growth of dark matter around it. For example, in the case of people who do not care about morality and Immortality, the growth of dark matter around their brains is different than for people who think a lot about morality and Immortality - their souls are different.
      The material souls develop from spirits by growing into the invisible world during one's life in visible world. After a person's death the body and the spirit die. The soul survives the death of a person, separates from the body, and continues to live in the invisible world. The death of spirits marks the start of life for souls. As long as spirit is alive in this world, the soul is like dead. It is attached to a spirit as its overgrowth. When spirit dies, soul become alive in the invisible world. No souls are created directly in the invisible world, and no living organisms are born there. All conscious organisms are born in the visible world. Any soul in the invisible world originates from life in visible world. During life in this world the location of the soul is related to position of the person in the visible world. The soul of a living person can be imagined as actually attached to that person body and spirit - it is like a shade. While the person is alive, the body and spirit remain in visible world, while the soul remains in the invisible world.
      The growth of spirit during lifetime of organisms is investigated by psychology. The growth of spirit is described by the Laws of Nature, and is subject to experimental verification by science. In presented model, the development of material soul during lifetime of organism and its passage to the invisible world are treated as natural phenomena that abide by the Laws of Nature. However, the growth of souls cannot be verified experimentally. For that reason, the soul is subject to religious beliefs rather than science. According to those beliefs, the rules governing material souls are part of the Laws of Nature that are verified in the invisible world. It is a subset of the Laws of Nature, in similar way as the visible world is described by another subset of the Laws of Nature.
      Growth of material souls into invisible world is automatic. It is similar to automatic growth of living organisms on the earth. No traditional Supernatural Forces or Aliens are needed for souls to grow. Supernatural Forces do not supervise material souls growing into invisible world, the same as they do not supervise directly growth of creatures living on the earth. Life after death is part of evolving Nature. The belief in the influence of traditional Supernatural Forces or Aliens on the growth of souls and their passage into Immortality does not affect the natural process of soul growth. The belief in Supernatural Forces is thus compatible with natural model of Present Immortality.


Living organisms from the earth that develop belief in Immortality, obtain Identity in an invisible world. Identity is treated as a spiritual part of material souls in invisible world - it is like inner part of that soul built from the same substance. The Identity is created inside invisible world in similar manner as material soul, usually by brain activity in this world. People who are Reincarnated humans, already have Identity in the invisible world - they are born with this. Identity is created only for people who are animals per se, and develop belief in Immortality during their lifetime. Atheists who did not inherit Identity, die without one.

Immediate Life

The invisible world has two sections. The first one is Immediate World. Upon death of a person on the earth, all material souls start life in this section. The morality of a person during life on the earth has impact on the growth of soul. If the morality of life is high, the quality of the material soul is also high. If the morality of life is low, the quality of the soul is poor. The quality of soul has impact on the quality of life in Immediate Immortality. High quality material soul has good life; low quality soul has bad life.
      In natural model of Immediate Immortality, the connection between morality of life and quality of soul is natural, automatic. There is no need for Aliens, traditional Supernatural Forces, or human's panel of judges to evaluate life as moral or immoral. Morality ingrains itself into the material soul. High morality souls have different structure than low morality. This is similar to the concept of Karma in Indian religions. Quality of Karma has impact on quality of next life.
      Immediate life is always temporary, lasting at the most 100 years. Upon completion of stay in Immediate World the material soul dies painlessly. This is similar to death of spirit in this world when the body dies. Identity survives death of material soul (for those which have one). This process is similar to survival of Immortal (spiritual) souls in some religions.

Semi-Permanent World, Reincarnation, and Annihilation

When Immediate life is completed, there are three paths. The best quality Identities move to Semi-Permanent World. This is the second section of invisible world; Identities stay there in sleep-like condition until Final Immortality is created. Most Identities are reborn after completing life in Immediate World. These are individuals that either develop belief in Immortality, or inherit Identity from previous Reincarnation(s). The disbelievers are the weakest. After completion of their stay in Immediate World, the individuals without Identity disappear permanently. This is process of annihilation or second painless death. Atheists who have Identity from previous Reincarnation(s) are reborn, but usually for a low quality life on the earth (see the chapter ATHEISM for definition of Atheism, which in Ninavism is different from classical one). The rebirths are similar to descriptions given by some schools of Indian philosophy.

Religious Rationalism

Some modern philosophies support the model of natural non-anthropomorphic creation of Present Immortality using traditional concepts of soul. One of these schools is called Christian Rationalism. The name is misleading, because this philosophy has little in common with Christianity. In this model, the Immortal souls are subject to natural evolution in similar manner to biological evolution of living organisms on the earth. The driving force of the evolution of souls is morality, rather than adjustment to environment as it is in material evolution. After death of material body, the souls are either reborn on the earth, or have capacity to relocate themselves instantaneously to other planets in the universe, where they continue to live like in Final World.

Supernatural Creation

The Philosophy of Religion distinguishes two types of supernatural creations; the first one is anthropomorphic, and the second non-anthropomorphic.

Anthropomorphic Forces (Gods or Avatars)

The supernatural anthropomorphic creation of Present Immortality is partially described by traditional religions. According to these models, supernatural anthropomorphic forces known as God(s) or Avatar(s) create and maintain Immediate life, Semi-Permanent World, and Reincarnations. This is the world of souls, Judgements after death, and traditional Reincarnations. Theologies of traditional religions provide more details, but they are not consistent. Some religions describe Immediate life but not Reincarnations, while others concentrate on Reincarnations or Semi-Permanent World only. Ninavism extends theologies by providing a uniform platform for all religions.
      There are at least two ways in which Present Immortality can be envisioned as run by traditional Supernatural Forces. The first method uses the idea of soul, the other the concept of computers. The creation of Present Immortality on computers is the modern explanation. Under this theory, traditional Supernatural Forces use computers to run and maintain Present Immortality. Some traditional people might object against the use of computers by Supernatural Forces on the ground that nothing about it is in the Holy books. This is a weak argument and easy to explain. How could Supernatural Forces use terms 'computer' and 'electricity' in the Stone Age when communicating with humans? The answer is that they could not. In the current age, it is arrogant to assume the traditional Supernatural Forces do not have computers. If humans with limited intelligence have them, then much cleverer Supernatural Forces have them certainly. It is offensive to imagine that Supernatural Forces do not have computers.
      Creation and maintenance of Present Immortality by supernatural anthropomorphic forces partially resemble implementation of Immortality by Aliens. This similarity is due to the fact that Aliens are also anthropomorphic forces - both supernatural and natural forces are described in human's terms. Actually, traditional Supernatural Forces are able to implement Present Immortality easier because they have less restrictions than Aliens. The classical view of Supernatural Forces is that they are not limited by Nature and Logic; they are above any Laws. However, as shown in the chapter PROBLEM OF EVIL, Supernatural Forces do not have unlimited power. God(s) might be treated as a much improved version of Aliens.
      Present Immortality which runs on computers is described in section about Aliens. Traditional Supernatural Forces do it in a similar fashion to Aliens, except in much more efficient manner, since they are more powerful. The remainder of this section concentrates on describing Present Immortality run by Supernatural Forces using traditional concept of soul.

Reincarnation and Souls

The process of Reincarnation can be easily explained as carried out by traditional Supernatural Forces re-using souls. Instead of creating new soul from scratch, Supernatural Forces can assign the old soul of deceased to newly born person. This is exactly Reincarnation. Each soul is unique, thus creating Identity for given individual. Many possible mechanisms for soul and Identity transfers can be created. Ninavism presents a generic version; each religion is free to adjust it to its own theology. According to Ninavism, the new souls are created only for humans or other living creatures who develop beliefs in Immortality during their lifetime. It means that soul is created after death of a person, rather than at birth as it is assumed by some religions. It does not deny that some humans might have a soul during lifetime. It occurs only for people who are Reincarnated humans. People who are born as animals per se do not have soul on birth. If they develop belief during lifetime, then after death, Supernatural Forces create brand-new soul from scratch for them, so they are not animals per se any more.

Immediate Life and Semi-Permanent World

Traditional Supernatural Forces are responsible for running and maintaining Immediate life and Semi-Permanent World. All humans have Afterlife, whether they have soul or not. The ontological structure of Immediate and Semi-Permanent Worlds could be spiritual or material, depending on the sphere where Supernatural Forces live. It is always modelled upon the last life, and resembles it in many respects. For example, Immediate life of Neanderthal men was different than that of current age human, that in turn is different than the man living after one million years' time at the age of technological Immortality. Immediate life lasts from one day to 100 years, depending on the individual. Upon its termination, there are three paths. Individuals without souls die painlessly. Individuals who reached perfection move to Semi-Permanent section of Present Immortality, waiting in sleep-like condition for Final Immortality. Most individuals are reborn as humans, animals, or plants.

Non-Anthropomorphic Forces

The supernatural non-anthropomorphic creation of Present Immortality is the view of religious and philosophical movements of Pantheism, Pandeism, Panentheism, and others promoting non-personal God(s). Some mystics use these concepts. Ninavism supports these ideas as yet another alternative. The construction and maintenance of Present Immortality by supernatural non-anthropomorphic forces is envisioned as somehow similar to one carried out by natural non-anthropomorphic forces. Presumably, supernatural non-anthropomorphic forces are able to do it better than natural forces, because they have more power.

Simulation Hypothesis

Simulation Hypothesis is the theory which claims that the entire universe with all people is a computer simulation. The theory does not explain who or what runs the simulation. Presumably it would be anthropomorphic natural forces much more powerful than humans, such as Aliens. Or they are traditional Supernatural Forces, such as personal God(s).


Nobody on the earth can see hardware of heavenly computers, such as electronic circuits that normally are required to support software. One advocate of Simulation Hypothesis suggests the possibility of messages coming from masters, such as a window on computer screen, telling men that they are simulated. It looks more like a joke, but some people consider this theory seriously. Others claim that simulation is done in such a way that those simulated cannot see the source or hardware on which it runs. This is a circular reasoning. Simulation Hypothesis is formulated without providing details, in general terms, which implicitly implies that simulation cannot be detected by simulated organisms. The inability to detect the hardware (or software) of simulation by simulated individuals is therefore the assumption rather than the conclusion of Simulation Hypothesis.
      Simulation Hypothesis can only be understood by comparison to simulations that occur on countless computers on the earth. As explained in the chapter TECHNOLOGICAL IMMORTALITY, people already work on digitizing humans and Resurrecting them inside of computers as Virtuals, where all the environment is simulated. Will Virtuals be able to detect that they are Virtuals, and not Biologicals? In other words, are Virtuals self-detectable or not? The answer depends on technological capacities of masters of programming, that is, humans in the far future. Presumably they will be able to create Virtuals either way, as a self-detectable or not. Even if humans are able to program Virtuals as self-detectable, they are free to create them in a downscaled version, as a bit stupid creatures, who are not able to see themselves as being simulated.

Problem of Evil

All simulations which run on computers on the earth, have the capacity to be controlled immediately, without any delays. Masters of simulation know everything about it, and are able to intervene at any stage. If life on the earth is simulated by traditional Supernatural Forces or Aliens, they have the capacity to intervene in any aspect of human's life, like the ability to prevent evil. Analysis done in the chapter PROBLEM OF EVIL shows that it is not the case. Traditional Supernatural Forces (and Aliens) do not have the capacity to prevent evil. This indicates that the universe is not their simulation.
      Since presence of evil on the earth is so widespread, one can claim that the earth is actual Hell simulated by traditional Supernatural Forces or Aliens. Individuals in Hell need to know their sins in the past lives, but people on the earth are not aware of their former lives. Therefore, the earth is not simulated Hell. Optimists might claim that the earth is actually Heaven simulated by traditional Supernatural Forces or Aliens. However, individuals in Heaven need to know why they are in Heaven. They need to know their good deeds from the past lives, and have some memories of this. However, people on the earth do not have recollections of their previous lives. Therefore, the earth is not simulated Heaven. If Humans of Future become Supernatural Forces to their own children in a parallel universe, with the capacity to simulate their Heavens and Hells, then the simulated individuals will be certainly aware why they are in Heaven or Hell, with sense of connection to their past lives. However, if the simulation process is beyond the Laws of Nature, Humans of Future will not be able to do that.
      One can claim that the earth simulation is the project started by Aliens or traditional Supernatural Forces, which went wrong. For example, the masters lost capacity to control or intervene in simulation. Or perhaps it is their experiment about which they forget and let it run on its own. This would explain why, on the earth, badness is intermixed with goodness. Similar theories are offered by traditional religions that explain the presence of evil on the earth as a result of war in Heaven(s) between Supernatural Forces. Traditional religions do not use the term such as 'computer simulation'. However, functional description of war in Heaven(s) is similar to theory of computer simulation project that went wrong. This sounds logical, but it is fanciful.


Simulation Hypothesis is extensively exploited by science fiction writers, and it is widely used in movies as a popular and attractive theme. Science does not support Simulation Hypothesis in the current age because it is undetectable. Some Transhumanists seem to refer to Simulation Hypothesis with enthusiasm believing that it provides hope for Immortality. However, it is hard to see the link between Simulation Hypothesis and Immortality.
      Suppose for a while that life on the earth is actually simulated by Aliens or traditional Supernatural Forces. If so, why people are still dying? If Aliens or traditional Supernatural Forces permit and tolerate mortality on the earth now, why would they guarantee Immortality in the future? If Aliens or traditional Supernatural Forces do not care about Immortality for humans, then it does not matter whether or not the earth is simulated. In such a case, the people simulated on the earth must find their own ways of creating Immortality, without relying on Aliens or traditional Supernatural Forces. Therefore, it is methodologically justified to assume that the earth is actually not simulated, even if it is actually simulated on computers, because masters of simulation are useless.
      Actually Simulation Hypothesis reduces hopes for Immortality. Belief in Supernatural Forces of traditional religions places hope in Immortality delivered by them even if their powers are limited. This is due to a hope that their power is sufficient for Immortality, even if it is insufficient to prevent evil on the present earth. If traditional Supernatural Forces or Aliens simulate the earth on computers, it implies that they actually have sufficient power to prevent evil. Since they do not do that, it means they do not care about humans. When they are not really concerned with humanity, why would they be bothered with providing humans with Immortality. Therefore, if Simulation Hypothesis is true, it reduces or even eliminates hopes for Immortality delivered by traditional Supernatural Forces or Aliens.
      Some traditional religions support the concept of Supernatural Forces with omnibenevolence. These are God(s) that have desire to spread unlimited amount of love and goodness on the earth. Ninavism fully supports this concept. The problems start when the same Supernatural Forces are treated as having omnipotence, that is powers above the Laws of Nature and Logic, because it leads to unexplained existence of evil on the earth. If Supernatural Forces are able to prevent evil on the earth and they love people, then why do they permit existence of evil? For example, why do they permit children to die horrible and barbaric deaths? The position of Ninavism is that Supernatural Forces actually are not omnipotent; they do not have unlimited power and they are not able to prevent evil on the earth, despite wanting it to happen. The reasoning leading to this conclusion is presented in detail in the chapter PROBLEM OF EVIL. Simulation Hypothesis sheds new light on the analysis carried in this chapter. If Simulation Hypothesis is true, and Supernatural Forces simulate people on computers, it implies that they have sufficient power to prevent evil on the earth. It does not prove that they are omnipotent, but at least they have enough powers to wipe out evil from the earth. Since they do not do that, it means they do not love people; they do not really care about humanity. This reasoning is a proof that assuming Simulation Hypothesis, Supernatural Forces will never deliver Immortality for humans, since they do not like people.
      The conclusion is that Simulation Hypothesis does not provide the hope for Immortality. More than this, it rather denies the hope for Immortality. However, if Simulation Hypothesis is modified by reducing the powers of Supernatural Forces in such a way that they are not omnipotent, and their simulation cannot prevent all the evil, then such modified Simulation Hypothesis is able to provide the hope for Immortality delivered by Supernatural Forces.


Humans of the current age have subjective ideas on Present Immortality. These ideas form spiritual life of people based on inner feelings. The spirituality is not concerned with details of Present Immortality like the ones presented in this chapter. From a spiritual point of view, the exact mechanisms of creation and maintenance of Present Immortality are not important. It does not matter who or what is responsible for Present Immortality. Spirituality is the generic description of Present Immortality. It is like a manual to drive a car, without actually explaining who built the engine, and how it works.


At least four explicit or implicit types of Judgements are made in Present Immortality. The first one is rewarding or punishing people for their last earthly life by granting higher or lower quality temporary existence in Immediate World. The next Judgement is deciding whether or not to reward the individual with Semi-Permanent life. Process of assigning Identity to a person after rebirth (related to Karma) needs another Judgement. The painless annihilation of disbelievers requires Judgement as well in order to evaluate whether or not someone is a disbeliever. In natural non-anthropomorphic creation of Present Immortality all Judgements are done by Nature. It is like natural process of selection on the earth, without decision by humans, Aliens, or traditional Supernatural Forces. In the natural anthropomorphic creation of Present Immortality all Judgements are done by Aliens. In supernatural models, all Judgements are done by Supernatural Forces, with the possible aid of Nature.

Interpretations of Present Immortality

The Philosophy of Immortality provides several interpretations of Present Immortality. Immediate World, Reincarnation, and Semi-Permanent World are run either by Aliens, or Nature, or traditional Supernatural Forces, or humans in the far future. It does not mean that there are four different Immediate or Semi-Permanent Worlds each with its own copy of the same individual. This rather means that one Present Immortality exists, but which one exactly it is not known in the current age. That is why they are all considered as possibilities. Using futuristic approach, Present Immortality is defined or characterized in following manner:

Present Immortality =    run by Nature
                             OR   run by Aliens
                             OR   run by traditional Supernatural Forces
                             OR   something else not known yet

What parts of these alternative statements are true? They are not compatible; if one alternative is true than the others are not. Perhaps the final answer could be settled scientifically only after 10 million years or so.

Transformation of Present Immortality into Final One

The easiest way of creating Final Immortality is via the same mechanism that is used by Present Immortality. In this approach, if Present Immortality is created and run by Nature, then Final World is also created and maintained by Nature. In such case, the transformation of Present Immortality into Final one is natural evolution described by Laws of Biology for the wider universe. In the same approach, if Present Immortality is created and run by Aliens or traditional Supernatural Forces, then Final World is also created and maintained by the same entities, that is either by Aliens or traditional Supernatural Forces. Humans of Future might be in a position to take over creation and maintenance of Final World from the hands of Nature, Aliens or traditional Supernatural Forces.
      Would it mean that there is no place for creation of Final Immortality by Humans of Future? The answer is no. Humans of Future might be in a position to take over creation and maintenance of Final World from the hands of Nature, Aliens or traditional Supernatural Forces. Perhaps they will be even forced to do so, under threat that otherwise no Final Immortality is constructed at all. The reasons for that depend on details for each particular implementation of Present Immortality. Aliens might have insufficient resources. Nature might provide a lower quality world than the one constructed by Humans of Future. Traditional Supernatural Forces might be eager to teach humans how to look after themselves, without relying on them.
      If Present Immortality is run by Nature, Humans of Future will need to detect scientifically how exactly it is done. The goal for that is 10 million years. Information about past Reincarnations and Identities might be contained within Records of the Universe. This alongside with the history of life will be important for construction of Final World. If Present Immortality is run by Aliens or traditional Supernatural Forces, Humans of Future will need to establish scientifically verifiable communication lines with them. The goal for that is again 10 million years. Aliens or traditional Supernatural Forces might provide Humans of Future with skills needed to construct Final World.

Management of Present Immortality by Humans

Ninavism aims at scientific confirmation of all forms of Immortal life. The timetable for experimental verification of Immediate Immortality, Semi-Permanent World, and Identity of Reincarnation is 10 million years. The issue arises: if Humans of Future have capacity to verify scientifically Present Immortality, then perhaps they could create Present Immortal life for themselves, without reliance upon Aliens, Nature, or traditional Supernatural Forces.
      Consider a scenario where Humans of Future create and manage Present Immortality long before the capacity to create Final World. In the temporary period between starting self-management of Present Immortality and creation of Final World, present Immortal life will apply only to people who are born and die in this period. It will not apply to the current age people, and all those who died in antiquity. They will experience Immortal life only after creation of Final World. Future Reincarnations of some people living in the current age or who have already died, might still be alive in the far future when humans take over Present Immortality. These future Reincarnations will be managed by humans. However, not the other present or past Reincarnations that will come alive only in Final World.

Technological Immortality

People of the current age try to extend their lifespan as described in the chapter TECHNOLOGICAL IMMORTALITY. Suppose that people will master one or more techniques of technological Immortality within a million years, while Final Immortality will be reached much later, like 10 million years. The question arises: what will happen in the period between 1 and 10 million years, when people achieve one or more technological Immortalities, but they are not able yet to construct Final World? Will people in this period have Present Immortality at all? The answer to this question depends on which particular Immortality techniques will be available in the considered period. Each technology is specific and needs to be considered separately. In the case of technological Immortality implemented by body repairs or cessation of ageing, there is no need for Present Immortality as long as individuals are alive.

Cloning and Rejuvenation

Parents and children do not share Identity or soul; children are not Reincarnations of parents. The technological Immortality implemented as cloning or rejuvenation is similar to relationship between parents and children. There is no connection in sense of common Identity (or soul) between the original and the cloned or rejuvenated copy; they are not Reincarnations of each other in general. The copy of cloned or rejuvenated individual is a completely new person with the same DNA and body as the original. One can be a believer while the other an Atheists. One can have Identity, while the other might be an animal per se. If they are both believers or Reincarnated humans, their Identities are different in general. Technological Immortality implemented as cloning or rejuvenation are forms of new life on the earth engineered artificially by people. Each cycle of cloning or rejuvenation has separate Immediate World. Their Present Immortalities are the same as for unrelated biological people.

Classification of Computerized Technological Immortalities

The case of Uploads, that is Robots and Virtuals, is conceptually the most complicated. The nature of computerized world depends to a large extent on the degree of its technological advancement. The most advanced computerized world is actually Final World. To meet the requirements for that, it needs to be near perfect, indestructible, and, above all, people deceased in the past must be recreated there. The next level of advancement of computerized world is scientifically verifiable Present Immortality. To meet the requirements for this, computerized world needs to contain two sections: temporary Immediate World and Semi-Permanent one. In addition to that, there must be a provision for Reincarnation once the stay in Immediate World is completed.
      In the current age, computerized technological Immortality is usually not envisioned as either Final World or Present Immortality. Rather it is thought to be life Extension technology. Under this scenario, there is no Present Immortality because nobody dies, except biological originals at the beginning of computerized technological period who will become extinct very quickly. The distinctions between Final World, Present Immortality and life Extensions are not completely sharp and clear. The first two concepts were originally developed on religious grounds. The third one is medical.

Computerized World as Life Extension

One vision of life Extension is that Uploads will exist only potentially, as a possibility to create them. In such cases they will be in a digitized storage waiting for creation in Final World. In this scenario all people are Biologicals. However, most likely, when life Extension is available, there will be choice to create computerized life early before Final World is ready, even if that extension is not perfect. The number of Uploads and biological people might be equal.

Computerized Present Immortality

Life Extension technology could be available in 1 million years The capacity to manage and maintain Present Immortality might come much later. Suppose it will occur after 5 million years, while Final Immortality after 10 million years. The scenario where humans have the capacity to build and support fully functional Present Immortality (mainly) in computerized form in the period 5-10 million years from now, is coupled with an assumption that humans of that age will scientifically verify and confirm Present Immortality of current times. Under the considered scenario, humans not only have a capacity to construct Present Immortality, but they also will know who or what actually runs Present Immortality for current age people. They will know whether it is done by Nature, Aliens or traditional Supernatural Forces. They also need to know how to switch management of Present Immortality from the original form to one run by humans.
      If Present Immortality of the current age is run by Aliens or traditional Supernatural Forces, then Humans of Future will need to come to some sort of arrangement how to take it over from them. The deceased people would not have multiple Afterlives, one run by humans and the other by Aliens or traditional Supernatural Forces. If Present Immortality of the current age is run by Nature, then presumably Humans of Future will modify the natural process in such a way that it will cease activity. It would be like modification of DNA. Present Immortality run by humans will apply only to people alive and dying at that time. It will not apply to people of the current age, who will be long dead by then. Current age people will be Resurrected only in Final World. Perhaps future Reincarnations of some current age people can still catch up with Present Immortality run by humans.

Technological Immediate World

Immediate World is a sector of computerized world. Immediate World needs to accommodate Virtuals or Robots temporary after biological death of individuals. Uploads (Virtuals or Robots) living in technological Immediate World are called 'IMMEDIATES'. They are different than Uploads living in life Extension sector that are called 'EXTENSIONS'. The requirement for Immediate World is that individuals staying there must be able to see life on the earth. People penalized by poor quality of life observe destruction and suffering left behind on the earth, which is part of their penalty. People rewarded with good quality of life in Immediate World observe happiness that they created on the earth.
      However, Humans of Future might do it better. The capacity to interact with deceased is not the traditional religious requirement for Immediate World. For example, traditional religions usually do not expect deceased people to talk to those left on the earth. When Biologicals on the earth will have capacity for direct communication with computerized Immediate World, as for example making phone calls to deceased, that would be much more than traditional religions promise or expect. Is it technologically possible? The answer is definitely yes. One can ask why there is nothing about it in Holy books or Sacred texts. The answer to this is obvious. Such technology was unimaginable one to three thousand years ago when most religious texts were written. No telephone or computers existed.
      The period of living in technological Immediate World is always finite - it is temporary; the minimum is one day and the maximum 100 years. After completion of staying in Immediate World, Virtuals or Robots are turned off. It is not a death, because it is painless. After being turned off, there are few options. Immediates are either Reincarnated, or moved to Semi-Permanent sector of computerized world, or moved to life Extension sector, or annihilated.

Technological Reincarnation

The knowledge of who on the earth is Reincarnation of whom from the past and Identity of Reincarnations are important in Final World. Only then memories of the same Identities across different Reincarnations are connected; that is Reincarnations come to know other rebirths. Under the scenario of Present Immortality managed by humans in computerized form, Immediates are Reincarnated as biological organisms on the earth - there is no Reincarnation within computerized life. The Reincarnation of Immediates does not require invention of a new type of biological birth. Rather, Reincarnation relies upon reassignment of Identity. After turning off Robot or Virtual in Immediate World, people of the future are free to assign one's Identity to naturally born biological human, animal or plant. This is technological Reincarnation.
      Humans in the future will be in a position to know which organisms on the earth are Reincarnation of a particular individual, a long time before Final World is created. Technological Reincarnation is a big improvement over the present situation when past rebirths are not known. For Reincarnation in animal or plant forms, this knowledge is not useful, because it is hard to explain their past rebirths to them. However, for Reincarnations in human form, they will be happy to know their past rebirths, particularly if they were also human.

Life Extension

Under the scenario of Present Immortality managed by humans, computerized life Extension is an alternative to technological Reincarnation. The individuals who decide on (almost) eternal life Extension, will not be Reincarnated any more. Last biological life is their last Reincarnation. After biological death, they spend a temporary period in Immediate World, and upon its completion Robot or Virtual is turned off. Then, the new version of last biological life is created in life Extension sector of computerized world. This form of life is called briefly Extension. It is not Final World, which comes much later. Extension is not new Reincarnation. The difference between them is that Reincarnation is biologically based, while Extension is in computerized form. The next difference is that Extension is modelled upon last biological life, while new Reincarnation (in biological sector) has no resemblance to old one - it is a completely new start.

Technological Semi-Permanent World

Technological Semi-Permanent World is the section of computerized world where some individuals are relocated after terminating life in Immediate World. These are Saints and others who reached perfection during last life on the earth; it is like a technological Nirvana. They are not Reincarnated, and choose not to be recreated as an Extension, but rather stay in sleep-like condition awaiting creation of Final World. Technological Semi-Permanent World obviously negates a need for one run by Aliens, traditional Supernatural Forces or Nature. Semi-Permanent World run by humans is used only for people dying at that time. People who entered Semi-Permanent World run by Aliens, traditional Supernatural Forces or Nature in the current age or in antiquity, would presumably stay there till the creation of Final World.


Under scenario where computerized world on the earth is the replacement for Present Immortality, Judgements done by humans are different than those carried out by Aliens, Nature, or traditional Supernatural Forces. The religious and secular policies on the earth will determine the fate of each person. It is like the justice system already existing on the earth. The secular courts will receive new powers. For example, they might prevent Reincarnation or Extension as a penalty for really bad individuals. Or perhaps they can order destruction of Digitized Records for a particular individual, thus preventing Resurrection of a person.

Creation of Present Immortality for Other Life Centres

Humans of Future might create Present Immortality for other life centres. It is very different then Present Immortality for themselves. This would occur only when mankind populates other planets or parallel universes with their own children. Humans of Future, who then are Aliens to their own children, would be responsible for creation and maintenance of Present Immortality for them. This would be the new sense of continuing life on the earth, even if Final World already exist.

Key Points of Chapter: