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1. Technological Immortality
2. Final Immortality
3. Life Creation and Propagation
4. Life Centres in the Universe
5. Reincarantion Combined with Resurrection
6. Complete Model of Immortality
7. Postimmortality
8. History & Evolution of Immortality
9. Ninavism
10. Supernatural Forces
11. Problem of Evil
12. Epistemology
13. Methodology
14. Compatibilities of Immortalities
15. Heaven(s) & Hell(s)
16. Implementation of Final Immortality
17. Implementation of Present Immortality
18. Paradoxes & Puzzles of Final Immortality
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20. Atheism
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Chapter 16

Implementation of Final Immortality

Summary of Chapter

Implementation of Final Immortality applies to Final World created by Humans of Future, Aliens, or traditional Supernatural Forces. In each case, it is creation using technological means, or methods modelled upon them. Creation of Final World by Nature is also mentioned.

Memories of the Universe

When creating Final World, Memories of the Universe will be needed. These include the physical appearance of all people, their memories from life on the earth, feelings, and consciousness. During original life on the earth, information about people is contained within their bodies and brains. However, most people are dead, or will be dead, before Final World is created. The question arises where is the information about humans kept once they are dead? There are several answers to this.

Earthly Remains

Earthly remains of most people will be destroyed long before Resurrection. Fragmental remains of some men might still exist, like bones that contain DNA. This is not sufficient to recreate the person. It is perhaps sufficient to partially restore the body, but not memories, feelings, and events of a lifetime.


In recent times some people started to create depository of humans' records, with the specific goal of using it when creating eternal life. One such technology is Cryonics; it is the alternative way of burial. Instead of traditional burial underground or cremation, cryonics technology preserves bodies by cooling them down to a very low temperature. Typically, it is done by immersing bodies in liquid nitrogen that has a temperature less than minus two hundred Celsius degrees. The purpose of freezing the bodies is to preserve them well, so when technology improves, the information from their body might be extracted, or even people can be cured from diseases from which they have died. Perhaps it will work, as long as the frozen brain still keeps the memories.

Genetic - Hereditary Model

Some people hope that if they have many children then at least some of their direct descendants will be alive when Final Afterworld is created, so their DNA and other genetic material could be used to Resurrect all ancestors, including original parents. However, this model of Resurrection is not well supported by science. Firstly, DNA is modified with each generation. Secondly, even if it is fully preserved, the information contained there is insufficient to recreate memories and feelings of ancestors. Thirdly, people without children could not be Resurrected that way.


Digitization of humans is a modern technique of preserving information. It involves keeping all information about people stored on a computer-like device. This method is in the design stage. More details are in the chapter TECHNOLOGICAL IMMORTALITY. The disadvantage of the digitization method is that it will take a long time to develop. Even when it is finally created, it will not cover people deceased in the past, and all those who will die before it is ready.

Records of the Universe

'Records of the Universe' is the logical store of information about the earth, and all people who ever lived there. It is created in natural way and automatically. Records of the Universe is the particular implementation of Memories of the Universe. The information storage created that way contains history of all people living on the earth, in the past and in the future, written down permanently in memory internal or external to the visible universe. Presumably there are many mechanisms in which Records of the Universe might be created. The existence of memory of the earth has not been verified scientifically yet. Discovery of it is the goal for Humans of Future in 10 million years. Ninavism supports the hypothesis for existence of such a memory.

Radial Images

The sketch of the theory of radial images was created in the 19th century. According to this hypothesis, the mind and personality of each person who has ever lived on the earth is recorded and preserved in radial images. These are outlines created by the waves that are caused by vibrations of atoms and molecules inside of human brains. They are dispersed inside or outside of a solar system, and contain the information needed during Resurrection. In order to use it during Resurrection, it will be necessary to gather radial images and molecular dust left behind by the deceased.


The next possible mechanism by which Records of the Universe are created is called 'Imprint'; it is an example how Records of the Universe might be created. The hypothesis of 'Imprint' assumes that the entire visible universe, including the earth, is contained inside of another bigger world, that is filled by a substance such as aether. According to this hypothesis, the visible universe is moving all the time relative to external world - the universe flies in the aether of the external world. Aether does not slow down the movement of the earth, and it does not cause any other effects detectable by current technology. Aether is in a different dimension or outer universe relative to the earth and the entire visible world.
      The next assumption is that the visible universe, while moving in aether, leaves an imprint of itself behind. This is a kind of modification, disfigurement of aether. Once aether is changed, the imprint remains the same forever. The earth, while moving through aether, leaves its track behind through the entire history of the planet. The imprint is the memory of events on the earth and the entire visible universe. The track in the aether contains the memory of everything that has happened on the earth since the creation of the universe until now, and of everything that will happen in the future, until the end of the visible universe. Aether contains all information about humanity, from the beginning of living organisms, through to the appearance of humans. This information is not restricted to external human forms. It contains all thoughts and inner feelings of each person through their entire life.
      The concept of aether was used in science repetitively. The idea of aether was temporarily abandoned in science, and then later reintroduced in modified form as a 'new aether'. Comparing to this, the aether as a medium for storing Records of the Universe is similar but still different concept.
      Is 'Imprint' hypothesis confirmed by science of today? The answer is no. That is why it is a religious belief at current times that might become scientific reality in the future. In order to create Final World, Humans of Future, Aliens, or God(s) will need to have two technologies. First one is the ability to read the information from imprint or other type of external memory. The second is the ability to use that information to carry out Resurrection of bodies and memories of the past life(s).

Information Leak via Black Holes

Physicists and mathematicians developing cosmologies create many theories of parallel universes. The possibility exists that some parallel universes might be connected to the Milky Way galaxy via black holes, with the capacity to extract the information from the earth and transfer it to other universes. The theory goes that black holes might be located not only in the centre of the galaxy, but also anywhere, like in brains of each living human. When man dies, all the information about life of the person would be already in a different universe. Using that information, Humans of Future, Aliens, traditional Supernatural Forces, or Nature might create Immortality for each person.

Other Hypotheses

The 'quantum archaeology' or 'time scanning' are the hypothetical future technologies that will permit 'copying dead from the past into the future' using quantum effects. These would be extensions of current quantum physics. The 'akashic records' is information about all people who have ever lived, stored in aether or in a hidden dimension of the universe.
      The physicalist philosophy claims that the entire universe is heading towards a final destiny. When the universe is close to this point, the geometry of space will enable access to all information from the past, including bodies, minds, feelings, consciousness, and personality of all deceased people. In a language employed by the book, this information is called Records of the Universe. They are not available for inspection in the current age, because the visual universe is still far away from reaching the final destiny. However, once the universe gets closer to it, Records of the Universe will become available.

Religious Hypotheses on Preserving Information

The concept of information is a modern one. Traditional religions do not use this term which is understandable, since it was not known in antiquity when Holy books were written. The traditional texts should be reinterpreted using modern terms. Religions need to explain how information about human life is preserved for posterity.

Souls as Carrier of Information

The first traditional hypothesis is that information about each human is passed from their body and brains into their soul before or during the dying process. Under this concept, the soul is usually understood as an ontological substance that is essential for life. After death, the soul separates from the material body, with all information preserved inside.
      Religions do not deliberate about the details of how the passage of information is done, and how souls maintain that information - usually religions assume transfer of information implicitly. When the dead are Resurrected, the information is extracted from each individual soul, and passed into new bodies and brains. Under this theory, the souls act as Memories of the Universe. The information in such record is not kept in a single database, but rather it is spread over individual souls. All souls together, form the information database. In order to confirm the existence of such records scientifically, one needs to detect souls of deceased people scientifically, and in the next stage, to verify that souls are capable of storing information. This has not occurred yet.
      The concept of soul is not universal to all faiths. Some religions do not mention anything about it, and some even deny it. For example, it seems that the concept of soul did not exist in original Judaic religion; it was introduced later by Christianity and Islam. It is not recognised by some Christian's groups such as Jehovah's Witness, and by orthodox Judaism. Hinduism uses the concept of soul (Atman) as a link between Reincarnations, while Buddhism rejects it. Some implementations of Present Immortality support the concept of material soul rather than spiritual. Other implementations of Ninavism treat the soul as an assignment rather than as an ontological substance. More details are in the chapter IMPLEMENTATION OF PRESENT IMMORTALITY.

Brains of Supernatural Forces as Carrier of Information

The next religious hypothesis is that traditional Supernatural Forces keep the information about all people on the earth in their own divine brains. This theory is consistent with doctrine of Abrahamic religions that Supernatural Forces know all about each person, and decide for them what to do. The problem with this hypothesis is that Holy books do not use the concept of brain. In antiquity many people did not know that thinking is done inside the brain; some people thought that thinking is done inside of the heart. Therefore, the religious texts need to be reinterpreted in terms of divine brain as a centre of memory and thinking for Supernatural Forces.

Memories of Supernatural Forces Located Outside of Brains and Souls

Another religious hypothesis is that traditional Supernatural Forces do not use souls or their own brains as a source of information about humans, but rather they access the external store. In this hypothesis Supernatural Forces do not supervise directly the recording of information. It is rather done automatically, without their direct supervision. The important issue is whether Humans of Future or Aliens would be able to access the information store used by traditional Supernatural Forces. Perhaps that store is actually the same as naturally created Records of the Universe. In such case, there is just one external store of information, accessible by Humans of Future, Aliens, and traditional Supernatural Forces.

Accessing Memories of the Universe

Ninavism assumes that Humans of Future or Aliens will access information contained inside of naturally created Records of the Universe, when building Final World and carrying out Resurrection. It is created by one or more of following mechanisms: radial images, imprint, final destiny point, black holes, quantum archaeology, quantum vacuum, or in some other ways. Alternatively, Humans of Future or Aliens would access information inside of souls or brain(s) of traditional Supernatural Forces. Looking inside brains of Supernatural Forces would be strange. Moreover, it seems that traditional Supernatural Forces themselves will use natural external source of information rather than relying on souls or their own brains. Therefore, natural Records of the Universe is the universal store of information, for both natural anthropomorphic forces (Humans of Future or Aliens) and traditional Supernatural Forces (Gods).

Computer Model of Final World

The computer model of Final Immortality is partially based on the concepts of technological mind uploading and human digitization. These are presented in the chapter TECHNOLOGICAL IMMORTALITY. It is also based on analogies with already existing software technologies. Some functionalities described in the model do not actually need a computer for implementation, but they are easier to imagine as done on computer.
      The computer model does not necessarily assume existence of natural or divine computer in a Final World. The computer is just the way of portraying how Final Immortality works; this portrayal is limited, as everything that is on the earth. Using information of the history of the earth, Humans of Future, Aliens, or traditional Supernatural Forces would recreate body and mental character of each person. People are Resurrected inside of computers (or Robots) as software, or in other (biological) technology modelled upon computers. They would have senses and memories like biological people on present earth.

Recreation of Bodies

Some religions teach that in Final life the human body will be Resurrected resembling the one from the earth. There are many levels of resemblance. Will it be the body at the time of death? Rather not, because most people die in old age, when their body is sick or disfigured. Humans of Future, Aliens, or traditional Supernatural Forces will recreate the body of a young person. Some religions specify age of 25, or range 20-35. What about a person who was the happiest on the earth not at the age of 25, but rather at 50 or so? There should presumably be no objection Resurrecting the person at old age, if this is the wish.
      What body will obtain people who died as babies, or who were born dead? There are few possible answers. One of them is that Humans of Future, Aliens, or traditional Supernatural Forces could predict how the body of deceased baby would look like if it had not died. This information might be contained in the genes of a deceased child. Stillborn or deceased babies might be recreated at age of say 25. Another answer is that the deceased babies are Resurrected not as adults, but rather as children, and then grown up to age 25 or so in Final World, after which they would cease to age. Next answer is that babies are Resurrected from another Reincarnation, where they lived until adulthood. Possibly, this is the best explanation. If babies were recreated as adults, they would have no memories of growing up on the earth. If babies grew up in Final World, they would still have no memories from the earth. For babies who were killed by own parents, it would perhaps be better to forget that life. The same with aborted children.
      When bodies are Resurrected inside of computer (or Robots), there are many parts that are functionally useless there. For example, lungs are not needed because people do not breathe inside of computers. Also no need for cells because energy is supplied to bodies externally, directly from electricity. Without cells, there is no need for blood and heart. In general, most internal organs are not needed. All parts that are not needed, will not be recreated. What is needed are senses and limbs. Senses are used for detection of signals, impressions, exchanging information, and expressing feelings to other people in the computer; limbs are used for entertainment and work. The process of Resurrecting bodies creates many strange issues that are described in the chapter PARADOXES AND PUZZLES OF FINAL WORLD.

Computer Model of Ageing and Rejuvenation

In Final World nobody dies and nobody is born. This does not exclude transformations of human bodies in a similar way as it is on the earth. Limited ageing and rejuvenation of human bodies are the examples of such transitions. Staying at the same age seems to be boring to some people on the earth. If it was possible in Immortal World to age a bit without sickness, and then return to younger age again, it would solve the problem of boredom. Rejuvenation is similar to second Resurrection. When Humans of Future, Aliens, or traditional Supernatural Forces are able to Resurrect a person once, then they should be able to do it more often, or even an infinite number of times, after a certain period. This makes repetitive rejuvenation possible.
      Ageing in Immortal World is like computer simulation of ageing on the earth. It runs accordingly to information about factual process of ageing for each individual person. The source (data) for simulation is in Memory of the Universe (or in memory of traditional Supernatural Forces). The history determines changes in appearance of the human body during ageing in Final World; the human body in Immortal life is not subject to biological and chemical processes as it is on the earth. The mechanism used for simulation by Humans of Future, Aliens, or traditional Supernatural Forces does not need to be a computer. The computer is just an analogy that is easily understandable by Humans of Present.

Recreation of Human Character (Mentality)

When Resurrecting people's body in Final World, Humans of Future, Aliens, or traditional Supernatural Forces must also recreate character or mentality for each person. Is it the same character as on the earth? The rules for recreation of mentality are similar to those for the body - the characters will be similar as on the earth, but not the same. Very few people have perfect personality on the earth. Most people have some sort of limitations. The defects and faults of character are either inborn, or learned in childhood, and these are usually impossible to eliminate in adulthood.
      Humans of Future will not recreate the bad characters that people had on the earth. If they did that, then people with bad characters in Final World would be unhappy, spreading unhappiness to other men in Immortality. Therefore, Humans of Future, Aliens or traditional Supernatural Forces will have to seriously modify personalities of Resurrected people.

Programmed Morality

People in Final World are prevented from committing badness. It can be easily implemented on computer by programmed morality. This is inborn desire to make only good deeds, and never bad. It is the impossibility of creating evil. Some lovers of freedom might object to being programmed. They would like to have freedom to be bad, even if they actually do not choose it. Relying on goodness by chance is not the best strategy.

Recreation of Memories from the Earth

Each person Resurrected in Final life must remember, at least partially, what has happened during life on the earth. If memories of life on the earth were not recreated, then even if it was a person with exactly the same body and character, it would still be not the same individual who lived on the earth, but rather a new one, such as a twin. Memories from the earth are an essential part of human identity. When people lose their memory, they become somebody else; they are not the same person. People in Final World will have recreated memories about their own life, parents, marriage, friends, school, country. All of them form the identity of a person, and distinguish one from other people.
      Recreation of memories will be usually incomplete; it will not be a 100%. Some memories from the earth are tragic, horrible. It will be better that painful memories are erased in Final World, or at least weakened, so they do not cause pain. For example, person raped on the earth as a child frequently suffer their whole life recalling that event. It will be better, if memories of that event are either completely removed, or modified in such way that it is not hurting.

Simulation of Life on the Earth

Many people would like to live on the earth again, but in a better form and condition. There is no reason to deny these dreams to people in Immortality. People there should have the opportunity to live as on the earth, but in a better way. This would be computer simulation of life on the earth carried out in Final World. For example, woman who on the earth was childless, infertile, or who could not find a husband, and who dreamed whole life to be married, should have the opportunity in Immortal life to have a child, and a husband, and be devoted to raising a child. Since no children are born in Immortality, presumably she will be looking after someone Resurrected at a very young age, such as children who died on the earth and parents are not Resurrected. Alternatively, children are simulated. This all sounds strange as described in the chapter PARADOXES AND PUZZLES OF FINAL WORLD. Humans of Future or Aliens have 10 million years to work out details.

Ontology of Final World

The ontology of Immortal World known in the current age is an outline. As the general knowledge will increase in the future, the ontology will need to be developed further.

Nature of Final World

There are two traditional views on ontology or nature (essence) of Final World. The first says that it is a purely spiritual world. It is similar to the mental world of humans, except that last one is subjective, whereas spiritual Immortal World is objective. It is like Platonic world of objective ideas. In the second view, Immortal World is partially material and partially spiritual. It is similar to present day earth, but in much improved form. Both ontologies are applicable for Immortal World created on the earth, or in the other universe created by Humans of Future, Aliens, or traditional Supernatural Forces.
      There are other modern views on the nature of Final World. The first one is computer ontology - it is a world inside of a computer. On the surface it is material because computer itself is material. However, inside is semi-psychological being, like software. Robots driven by computer have similar ontology. In another view, Final World is in a different dimension, in a parallel universe, or is built of dark matter, with Laws of Physic and biology unlike on the earth, where ontology is also different.

Ontological Substance

In antiquity and in the Middle Ages, the ontological substance was usually depicted as a simple idea, or as a uniform matter. In the 19th century the views changed. Science started pointing out that substance underlying this world is not as simple as though previously; it is rather extremely complex. This applies specifically to material substance. Mental substance is also not as simple and uniform as thought in antiquity. Ideas resemble complex network of information rather than a simple substance. The spiritual substance seems to be simple only when experiencing it as subjective human feelings and impressions. However, when one tries to analyse details of ideas, the complexities emerge.
      It is easy to depict Immortal World as built of a single simple substance, whether spiritual or material. That substance would have to perform complex functions assigned to the human body, brain, and to objects of external world. However, it is difficult for anything that is simple to create something complex directly. It is easier to imagine Final World as spiritual rather than material. This is due to the ease of visualizing lack of badness among ideas. It is hard to imagine lack of badness in material world. For example, it is easier to visualize perfect spirits which do not age, are never sick, never have accidents, and never die, rather than material people who on the earth are full of faults.
      Whether Final World is spiritual, material, computer software, in this world, parallel universe, or other dimension, it is easiest to represent it as created from uniform substance fundamentally different to matter on the earth; the example is dark matter. This substance would be used to create everything in Immortal World, especially human bodies. If Final World is created on the earth by Humans of Future, it is likely to be partially spiritual and partially material.

Computer Ontology

Aristotelian ontology assumes that both matter and spirit are mixed up, as in a human being. The computer is a modern ontological being that is a bit different to classical ontology. Like Aristotelian it is a mixture of both material and spiritual beings. The computers are material; programs and software are spiritual. In computer ontology the ways matter and spirit are mixed up differently than in Aristotelian ontology modelled upon human body.
      The computer model of Immortal life is an idea based upon analogy with earthly computers and programs of the present day. Humans of Future, Aliens, or traditional Supernatural Forces might use computers to create Final World, but not necessarily. The computer model is valid whether it is computer or different technology. This model is correct as long as the future technology can be described as represented to a certain extent by computers and programs of present times. The computer model explains partially how this New World might be constructed, in spiritual or material world, in this or in a parallel universe. Computer model is a human's way of imagining Final World, regardless of ontological details. The model is valid for Humans of Future, Aliens, and traditional Supernatural Forces as creators, even if they do not use computers.

Location of Final World

Abrahamic religions teach that Final World will be created on the planet earth, after life in present form is ended. Holy books refer to location of Immortal World as 'New Jerusalem'. It cannot be treated literally. If it was, then Aboriginals who lived in Australia for the past 40,000 years would have been forced to move to Israel. In times when the Bible was written, Australia was not known. That is one of reasons why the Bible says about New Jerusalem instead of New Sydney. Abrahamic Final World can be located anywhere on the earth, on land, in the sky, or under the water.
      Traditionally spiritual Immortal World is imagined as located near existing material world. In some religions of South East Asia, spirits live in mini houses that are specially constructed for them; many Buddhist families keep these houses in their own backyards. Some high rise towers in large towns have small spirit houses built next to the main entrance. Australian Aborigines believe that spirits (souls) live in caves.
      Some people think about souls living in clouds, inside the earth's atmosphere. Others imagine spiritual World as lying somewhere between stars. If Immortal World is located on different planet or universe, there is problem of distance. Planets in this and different galaxies are so far that it is difficult for humans to get there by spaceship of today. One possible solution is a digital retransmission as described in the chapter CENTRES OF LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE.

Standardization and Prefabrication

When Humans of Future (with or without help of Aliens or traditional Supernatural Forces) reach technological capabilities of creating Final World, they will write down industrial standards for Resurrection, as it happened in other areas of business. With millions of people queuing for Resurrection, there will be a need to introduce uniform patterns of how to do it. This always occurs when production exceeds a certain level.
      Traditional religions assume that each Resurrected person would be unique, as it is on present earth. Resurrection carried out by Humans of Future or Aliens, presumably might look a bit different. When people are recreated on industrial scale, there might be economical need for savings and simplifications. For example, some unimportant body parts might be the same for all humans - everyone could be fitted with the same prefabricated eyes for excellent vision. There would be no need to create eyes with poor vision. In general, the bodies and external appearance of humans are of secondary importance. The exceptions are faces which should be preserved so people are able to recognize each other. The parts of primary importance are minds, feelings and memories - they distinguish one human from another. Resurrected people are different because their recreated minds, feelings, and memories would be unique.
      Since bodies might be prefabricated, then for simplicity and cost savings Humans of Future or Aliens could create only four types of bodies: adult and child, male and female. However, in such cases it would be difficult to distinguish one person from another because everyone would look externally like twins. There are many identical twins on the earth who would not object to it. However, most people would not like it; they prefer to be individually different. For that reason, Humans of Future or Aliens will presumably create not just four types of bodies, but say a few thousand. It will not be unrestricted, like millions of body shapes on the present earth. Perhaps it will be sufficient to have ten different body heights and three different levels of fatness, but none obese.
      Industrialized Resurrection is like construction of computer Robots using prefabricated hardware with empty memories. Before memories of Robots or Virtuals are filled up with individual programs, they are basically the same. After uploading memories and feelings they become individualized, unique - it is Resurrection of minds. Resurrection industries will contain several subdivisions. One will be dealing with Resurrection of bodies, other with mind uploading (Resurrection of minds), and the next creating perfect environment for them.

Time and Space Needed

Some traditional theologies present Resurrection and creation of Final World as instantaneous or momentary process carried out by traditional Supernatural Forces. If Final World is created by Humans of Future or Aliens, most likely it will not look that way. Men or Aliens need time to build anything, particularly as large as Immortal World. It will take a substantial period to recreate and relocate millions of individuals. People and Aliens are unable to do things instantaneously. Humans of Future or Aliens would need to build factories and production lines Resurrecting people. If they could recreate 10,000 individuals per day, it would take 300 years for one billion people.

Creation of Final Immortality by Aliens, Supernatural Forces, or Nature

Ninavism envisions creation of Final World in several different ways. In first model, Final life is created by Humans of Future; it is described in the chapter FINAL IMMORTALITY. In other models Final World is created by Aliens, traditional Supernatural Forces, or Nature.

Natural Anthropomorphic Creation by Aliens

In the natural anthropomorphic model of Present Immortality, Aliens have the capacity and the will to create and run Immediate Immortality, Semi-Permanent World, and Reincarnation. Presumably, Aliens have the capacity to create Final World as well. One issue with this model is the place where it is created. Aliens might have the capacity to create Final World for humans inside of their own universe, or even on their own planet. However, if a planet of Aliens faces near destruction by its own sun, then their planet is not a good place.
      Aliens might leave the task of creating Final World to humans due to a number of reasons. The first one is limited power; perhaps Humans of Future will be stronger than Aliens. This is common on the earth, when children frequently must carry out tasks that parents are not able to do any more. The next reason is that Aliens might ask Humans of Future to help them with maintenance of their own Final World, that is Final life of Aliens. This is very common on the earth, where children need to look after their own parents in old age. In exchange for help, Aliens might offer advice on how to construct Final Immortality for humans on the earth. Ninavism does not favour any particular interpretation over the other. All of them might be partially correct.

Supernatural Creations

Creation of Final World by personal God(s) is well described by Abrahamic religions. Therefore, there is no need to analyse it here in detail. The critical issue is timing. No Abrahamic religion provides detailed timeline for creation of Final Immortality. If Final World is created by Humans of Future or Aliens, the timing for that event is estimated to be 10 million years; this is one alternative. Creation of Final life by traditional Supernatural Forces as another alternative. In the view of Ninavism, the timing for supernatural creation is the same as for Humans of Future or Aliens, that is 10 million years.
      Imagine asking the leaders of any traditional religion to sign the declaration stating that if Final World is not created in 1,000 years' time then this religion is self-declared as false. It is certain that no leader of any major religion will sign such declaration. This is the proof they accept possibility that Final World might not be created in 1,000 years, or even 10,000 years. However, they do not want to admit it explicitly for psychological and political reasons. This confirms that Ninavism is right in timing. The period of 10 million years is rationally more justified than 500 years, and then the lack of any specification which is possibly the worst. Creation of Final Immortality by non-personal Supernatural Forces is like creation by Nature accompanied by supernatural events. It is supported by branches of philosophy such as Pantheism, Pandeism, Panentheism, and others.

Natural Non-Anthropomorphic Creation (by Nature)

In the natural non-anthropomorphic model, Final World is the result of evolution. It is the natural progress of Present Immortality with its Immediate life, Reincarnations, and Semi-Permanent World, into Final World. In the last stages, Identities waiting in Semi-Permanent World are recreated in Final one, with all their Reincarnations. The timing for this event is 10 million years. It is not a goal, because evolution does not have conscious purposes. It is rather estimate or prediction.
      Similar views are known under the name 'Evolutionary Immortality'. It is comparable to such processes as creation of early life on the earth in form of bacteria, their evolution into plants, animals, and eventually humans. In current times, life on the earth and in Present Immortality are both not Final one. However, due to natural processes, life on the earth would eventually evolve into Final World, and Present Immortality into Final one. According to this model, all people living on the earth after many Reincarnations will eventually end up in Semi-Permanent World, just emptying the earth of humans. As a part of natural evolution of Immortal life, Semi-Permanent World will progress into Final one. Final Immortality created by natural non-anthropomorphic forces is not described by any Abrahamic religion. It is more difficult to imagine than Final World created by anthropomorphic forces.

Compatibility with Final Immortality Created by Humans of Future

The question arises whether Final Worlds created by Aliens, traditional Supernatural Forces, or Nature are compatible with model of creating Final Immortality by Humans of Future? At current times humans certainly are not able to make any Immortality, Present or Final. Only traditional Supernatural Forces, Aliens, or Nature, can create Present Immortality for humans in any foreseeable near future. In this age people must rely on them for Immediate Immortality, Reincarnation, and Semi-Permanent World. The situation will be different for Final World. Humans of Future might create it, in addition to traditional Supernatural Forces, Aliens, or Nature. If others have the capacity (and will) to do the job for mankind, then perhaps Humans of Future could be released from the task of creating Final Immortality for themselves. Therefore, why bother with a separate model of Final World created by Humans of Future?
      There are indications that creation of Final Immortality might be left to humans rather than to traditional Supernatural Forces, Aliens, or Nature. In such a case, Present Immortality is created by others, but Final one by humans. It looks a bit strange. Why would this happen? There are few answers to that. Once humans reach technological capacities of making their own Final Immortality, then everyone, including traditional Supernatural Forces and Aliens, would be released from duties of creating it for men. To understand it better, one needs to look at people. If human children have the capacity to perform certain tasks, parents frequently are not willing to do it for them. Children need to learn independence. So the answer is that traditional Supernatural Forces and Aliens might leave creation of Final World to humans so people would be independent, would not rely on them anymore. Many parents leave tasks to children, once they are big enough to do it by themselves.
      Similar situation would be with non-personal Nature. If people have the capacity to do something, they do not leave it to capricious and frequently unpredictable Nature. For example, both people and Nature have the capacity to produce food. However, people frequently are able to do it better than Nature. If so, then Final Immortality created by humans might be better than the one created by Nature. It seems that different ways of creating Final Immortality are contradictory. For example, if Final World is created by traditional Supernatural Forces or Aliens, then it is not created by Humans of Future. As shown above, these seemingly contradictions can be easily resolved. Ninavism supports all ways of creating Final World as compatible. It does not matter how it is created, as long as it is. Final Immortality is defined as created by either Humans of Future, or Aliens, or God(s), or Nature. Different ways of creation are the components of compound statement joined by the alternative operator.

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