Ninavism - The Philosophy of Immortality
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1. Technological Immortality
2. Final Immortality
3. Life Creation and Propagation
4. Life Centres in the Universe
5. Reincarantion Combined with Resurrection
6. Complete Model of Immortality
7. Postimmortality
8. History & Evolution of Immortality
9. Ninavism
10. Supernatural Forces
11. Problem of Evil
12. Epistemology
13. Methodology
14. Compatibilities of Immortalities
15. Heaven(s) & Hell(s)
16. Implementation of Final Immortality
17. Implementation of Present Immortality
18. Paradoxes & Puzzles of Final Immortality
19. Animals & Plants
20. Atheism
21. Population Control
22. Gays
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Chapter 7


Summary of Chapter

Postimmortality is the period of life on the earth lasting from time when Final Immortality is created, until the destruction of planet due to the expanding sun. The scientific estimates for the remaining period of habitation on the earth vary from 2 to 4 billion years. Assuming that Final Immortality will be created 10 million years from now, the Postimmortal period would last, say 3 billion years. This is 30 times longer than the period from now until reaching Final Immortality. The issue of interest here is the fate of life on the earth after the creation of Final World. Final life is Immortal by definition, but life outside of Final World might be mortal or Immortal, depending on the scenario. Due to the immensely long period of Postimmortality, many alternatives are possible.

Fundamental Groups of Scenarios

The first group of scenarios is when in the Postimmortal period, Final World runs in parallel to the remaining (mortal) life on the earth. People might achieve Final Immortality by themselves, or alternatively, they might need help from Aliens. As analysed in the chapter CENTRES OF LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE, Aliens might stay with humans in the Postimmortal period. The details of the interactions between humans and Aliens will have an impact on life outside Final World.
      The second group of scenarios is when Final World is created on the earth by Supernatural Forces. According to traditional religions, in such a case, new life will replace the old one. It seems that, in this situation, Postimmortal life will be the same as Immortal one. The entire earth will be just one Final World. This group of religious scenarios must explain what will happen after, say 5 billion years, when the earth will be destroyed by the sun. Will Supernatural Forces prevent the sun from expanding? The third group of scenarios is when Final Immortality is created outside the earth, such as on a different planet, dimension, or in a parallel universe. In such a case, Final World will not interact with life left over on the earth.

Predicting the Future

Biological evolution on the earth covers the period of the past 3-4 billion years, with main advances made in the last 700 million years. The speed of evolution has increased since the appearance of modern man about 70 thousand years ago. The biggest changes in this period were in social structures: the loose family groups formed tribes and later states. The other area of great progress is in technology, but one needs to remember that the Stone Age techniques lasted in some parts of the world until the 20th century. If present science is correct, a million years ago, humans in the form of Homo Erectus, could walk upright. It is unknown if they could talk. Ten million years ago, humans were not in existence. Their predecessors were in the form of apes; they could not talk like apes today, but would communicate with gestures.
      It is important to guess how humans might look like at the beginning of Postimmortal period, which will start in about 10 million years' time. In order to get some clues, one needs to investigate the past, assuming that developments in the future will be similar. A problem with predicting the future of mankind, based on projections from the past is that there were no human-like creatures in the past 600 million years, except for people. They are a unique in civilization and technology, but comparable to other animals in biology. For this reason, it is easier to predict the future development of the biological characteristics of humans, rather than the future technological capabilities that no other animal species exhibited in the past.

Earth Shared by Mortals and Immortals

Consider the scenario when Final Immortality is created on the earth by Humans, with or without help of Aliens. In such a case, Immortals will continue to exist in parallel. Final World and mortal one will be like neighbouring states on the same planet. Mortal life will consist mainly of animals and plants. Regarding humans, two cases are distinguished: the first one is that all humans become Immortal. The second alternative is that some Mortal biological humans continue to live outside Final World. It would be their choice to remain mortal. They could gain entry to Immortal World upon death.

Humans Remain Dominant Species

In one sub-scenario, humans remain the dominant species, with no other animals directly threatening Final World. Biological mortal humans living outside of Final World will need to compete with animals who might become more and more dangerous, due to their evolving brains. At the time when transfer to the new planet is required, all humans should be Immortal.

Animals Develop Belief in Immortality

In another sub-scenario, one or more animal species living outside of Final World, evolve biologically to the point when they create a religion, that is the belief in Immortality. This will be a distant future - perhaps it will start after a billion years.

New World

Traditional religions sometimes refer to Postimmortality as the 'New World'. It is the state of the earth at the time when Final World is created. Abrahamic religions describe the timing of this event as the End of the World. It does not mean literally that the world ceases to exist at that point in time. The phrase 'End of the World', means that the earth undergoes fundamental change at this particular point in time, after which it continues to exist in a new form called 'New World'. This is environment that is perfect, without any evil, and where people live forever. In this scenario, mortality will cease to exist; everything will become Immortal.
      In traditional interpretations, New World is combined with Final World, where people of the past have been Resurrected. There is no separate New World and Final one. It is all in one, where men live together in the direct presence of Supernatural Forces. Ninavism interprets the phrase 'direct presence' of Supernatural Forces as their scientific verification. Some Holy books use the term such as 'New Jerusalem', as an example of the destination where people will continue to live; this should not be treated literally.

Earth Left to its Own Fate

Consider the scenario where Final Immortality is built outside the earth, like for example, on another planet in this universe. In view of the 21th century science, this universe is poorly suited for a simple perfect Final Immortality. Therefore, the alternative Final World could be created in a different dimension, or in a parallel universe. Another argument for the separation of Final Immortality from the earth is the limited time period that life can exist on this planet. Final World, which is eternal, should not be located permanently on the planet earth because it will be destroyed by the sun in 5 billion years. Humans of Future, Aliens, or traditional Supernatural Forces might have the capacity to move people to other solar systems, but the situation there will be repeated. All stars last a finite period of time, after which they vanish, destroying anything in their vicinity.
      Once Final Immortality is built on a different planet, dimension, or in a parallel universe, then the entire planet earth becomes the old world. Final World is the place for Resurrected people, while old world is the future version of the earth without humans. Humans will continue to live in Final World even if nobody is alive in old world.
      What will happen to animals and their descendants living in the old world after the creation of Final Immortality elsewhere? Once all humans depart from the earth, leaving the planet for new animal species to develop, life in old world will continue along the lines established by science. Biological creatures or their descendants might develop a belief in Immortality and find ways to relocate to a new planet, galaxy, or universe. Equally well, they might disappear altogether. Most likely however, someone will live on the earth in 4 billion years, shortly before its destruction. It might be animals turned into Aliens. If they did not create Final Immortality for themselves, they will be desperate to find home on a new habitable planet. In order to achieve this, they will be sending manned and unmanned space crafts randomly everywhere in the hope that some of them will survive and create Final World for all of them.

Key Points of Chapter: