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1. Technological Immortality
2. Final Immortality
3. Life Creation and Propagation
4. Life Centres in the Universe
5. Reincarantion Combined with Resurrection
6. Complete Model of Immortality
7. Postimmortality
8. History & Evolution of Immortality
9. Ninavism
10. Supernatural Forces
11. Problem of Evil
12. Epistemology
13. Methodology
14. Compatibilities of Immortalities
15. Heaven(s) & Hell(s)
16. Implementation of Final Immortality
17. Implementation of Present Immortality
18. Paradoxes & Puzzles of Final Immortality
19. Animals & Plants
20. Atheism
21. Population Control
22. Gays
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Chapter 4

Life Centres in the Universe

Summary of Chapter

This chapter concentrates on one particular way of constructing Final Immortality, that is done by Humans of Future with the help of Aliens, and Final World is located in this universe. It is built initially on the earth, and then relocated to another planet when the earth faces destruction by the expanding sun. If Humans of Future, Aliens, traditional Supernatural Forces, or Nature find the way of constructing Final Immortality outside the visible world, like, for example, in a parallel universe, and that place is much better than the visible universe, then obviously the construction of Final World in the visible world would be abandoned. Since, at present, humans do not know which solution will be found in 10 million years' time, it is critical to describe all alternatives. The terms 'Aliens' and 'humans' are relative. From Aliens perspective, they are humans, and humans on the earth are Aliens. Humans on the earth are both Aliens and humans, depending on the point of view.

Forms of Life

In the centres of life in the universe, the appearance of living creatures is likely to be very different than those on the earth. The physical composition might be so different that the living creatures from separate centres are deadly to each other, that is, they cannot live in the same centre. Even if chemistry is similar to the earth's, the travel there is dangerous due to high possibility of vicious strands of viruses and bacteria. The details of social structure, technology, entertainment, etc. for each centre of life can be only speculated. Religion and philosophy describe as few details as possible, except the fundamental concept of Immortality.


For centres of life created by natural forces, the religions are likely to be very different than on the earth. However, they would be similar in their belief in Immortality. For centres of life created by traditional Supernatural Forces, the religions might be similar to each other. Suppose that life on the earth was created by God(s). In such a case, the religions on other planets where life was created by the same God(s), would presumably be similar to ones on the earth.
      At a sufficiently high level on any planet the religions and science merge into knowledge. There is no religion, and no science, just knowledge. The difference between science and full knowledge is that science is always incomplete, it always requires experimentation to find answers. Once the full knowledge is achieved, there is no need for any further research and experiments, and science disappears, being replaced by knowledge. The conclusion that at the highest level of development there is no religion seems to be shocking, but it is easy to explain. Highly developed Aliens do not need to believe in anything; they know it. Aliens do not have religion, because for them everything is known. Religion is only for less advanced life, such as on the earth, where knowledge is insufficient. Humans of Future who build Final Worlds will have no religion. Detailed analysis is in the chapter EPISTEMOLOGY.
      Traditional Supernatural Forces of current age religions are in a similar situation, all of them do not have religion. They do not need to believe in anything, because they know everything. Only human followers of God(s) on the earth have religions, and need to believe, because their knowledge is limited. This realization might be looking paradoxical to some people, who have a tendency to think that the main objects of religious belief would be the biggest believers - but they are not.


It seems that a remote method is the quickest and safest way of communication between life centres, that is, without meeting each other physically. This might be done by using electromagnetic waves as is already working on the earth, or it can be an entirely new physical medium not known to science yet. In view of Ninavism, there is high probability of hundreds of planets with Aliens living in the Milky Way who are ready to establish communication with the earth. Most likely they already send signals, hoping that new civilizations in the galaxy would read them. Humans on the earth try to detect signals from the cosmos carrying out information sent from other planets. This effort has been done only in the past few decades. Nothing has been found so far, but it does not mean signals are not there. Present technology is insufficient. It might take thousands or millions of years to detect communication from other planets.
      The completely meaningful scientifically valid communication with Aliens will have the form of monologues. Aliens knowing that it takes a long time to reply, will put all the information in one long piece. It is like one long book, with all the possible questions and answers inside, even if nobody actually asks the questions.

Destruction of the Earth

Recent estimates give the earth about 2 to 4 billion years left of habitable conditions. The nearest large galaxy to the Milky Way is the Andromeda galaxy, located 2.5 million light years away. It moves towards the Milky Way with a speed of 1 million kilometres per hour. The two galaxies are expected to collide in about 4 billion years, which is near the time of the earth's destruction by the sun.
      Shortly before collision with the home galaxy, the Andromeda galaxy will stretch across the entire sky, like the Milky Way, most likely forming a cross with it. Christians might treat it as a Messianic sign. The destruction of the earth and collisions of galaxies will be apocalyptic. However, it will be also an opportunity for the exchange of life between the two. Civilizations living in the Milky Way, such as on the earth, will have an opportunity to find new home in another galaxy. And vice versa, Aliens or God(s) might arrive from Andromeda. This galaxy has about 1 trillion stars, as compared to the Milky Way that has 200-400 billion. Therefore, the chances of finding new habitable planets in Andromeda are three times higher than in the Milky Way.
      The average time for higher order species to survive on the earth is about 30 million years. By the time of the earth's destruction, the non-Immortalized mankind will be extinct many times over. This means that direct human's descendants (if they have any) will be also extinct, and their descendants (such as third generation humans and higher) will be extinct as well.

Interplanetary Transportation

Since each planet is destroyed sooner or later, all Aliens (including humans) have to migrate to a new planet before their home is annihilated.


The size of the Milky Way is 100,000 light years across, that in theory might be covered by fast-moving spaceships of the present earth technology within one million years or so. The intergalactic migration is more difficult. The distances are much bigger and galaxies frequently move apart. The chances of reaching other galaxies depend on the model of the universe. If the Big Bang theory is correct and it occurred 14 billion years ago, then it is difficult for spaceships to reach most galaxies within that time frame. However, if the visible universe is eternal, then intergalactic migration should be possible.

Digital Retransmission

Digital retransmission is transfer of Aliens, including humans, from one centre into another using remote communication channels between them. Before retransmission is attempted, Aliens need to be digitized. Humans already try to do it, but are still far away from their goal. It should be available in the future. The details of the procedure are described in detail in the chapter TECHNOLOGICAL IMMORTALITY.
      After transmission is complete, using the information received at the other end, the individuals are recreated in a New World. This is a wonderful transformation in which individuals would obtain new bodies. It is digital technological Resurrection. The memories, feelings, and consciousness of each transmitted person are recreated with full precision. Everything else would be different, including the brain. There are many media on which individuals would be recreated. For humans of today, the recreation is the easiest to imagine as occurring on supercomputers. However, recreated individuals could as well obtain a pure spiritual body in the New World, or it could be partially spiritual and partially material as it is on the earth.

Methods of Initiating Digital Transmissions

The most advanced method is to make the transmission without sending any spaceship. It is transmission without prior visit by humans or unmanned spaceship to that planet. This method is important in case Aliens or Humans of Future are not capable of sending a spaceship, either due to distance or to the danger of being killed by a hostile environment or viruses. Transmission of humans to another planet without ever being there looks paradoxical at first glance, but closer examination gives some answers.
      It can be done only on a planet already inhabited by advanced civilization of Aliens who are willing to receive humans. The retransmission of men needs the cooperation of creatures living there, even if they have never met people. Gaining acceptance of Aliens could be tricky. Details of that cooperation are analysed in the following sections of this chapter. The first necessary condition is to establish remote communication with other centres of life. As explained previously, this can be done without ever meeting Aliens. They will be responsible for receiving people, and for reconstructing them on their own planet accordingly to their own environment.

Advantages of Digital Retransmission

The digital retransmission has huge advantages compared to conventional spaceships. First of all, it is extremely fast. Aliens and people are transmitted with the speed of light. Secondly, there is no restriction on the size of cargo. Transmission might continue for hundreds of years until all Aliens or humans are transmitted. The digital retransmission is the safest method of migration. If the bodies of Aliens from two life centres are incompatible, that is if, after meeting in person, they would involuntarily annihilate each other by means of chemical reactions or deadly bacteria and viruses living inside of them, or mutate each other, then the retransmission is the only way of migration.
      Digitized human is a logical form. It is like a computer program written in a high level language. Once Aliens on the destination planet obtain the source code, they will recompile in their computers, or built them into individualized Robots, or in a spiritual form, or in a material one. Whichever way they do it, this process can be compared with compilation of source code in a computer. The machine language of the destination computer are the conditions on target planet. In the process of technological Resurrection, the harmful bacteria and other imperfections would not be restored. Each individual would undergo a purification. If new bacteria on the destination planet are required for a Resurrected person to live there then, in the process of compilation, those bacteria will be created and inserted into new bodies.
      Retransmission and purification can be the only way Aliens and humans are able to live together in one place. If they are not able to meet each in reality because their chemistry (physical composition), and biology (viruses and bacteria) are deadly to each other, then they need to be transformed into a logical digital form, and later recompiled into the target environment.

Interplanetary Migration

Thousands of Aliens in galaxies around the universe, and in Milky Way in particular, face annihilation when the end of the lifetime for home planets approaches. If distances between planets are too great for sending manned or unmanned spaceship, or if it is too dangerous due to viruses, then the digital retransmission of humans, with the direct consent of Aliens on the destination planet is the only way of interplanetary migration. It applies not just to humans, but to all Aliens. If they want to migrate to the earth because their home planet faces impending destruction, they will need permission from Humans of Future.

Engaged Panspermia

To prepare the ground for the future migration, each advanced life centre in galaxy try to implant life on as many planets as possible, which is known as directed panspermia. They start doing it from the early beginning of their civilization, when they have still plenty of time before losing their own home planet. They send either meteorites or unmanned spaceships with genetic material and bacteria around the universe, hoping than some of them will colonize a habitable planet and form new life. The engaged panspermia is a directed panspermia, with the additional goal of establishing communication and migration, when life there become advanced.
      Life on newly impregnated planets in galaxies evolve in a similar manner. When the children reach sufficient level of civilization they realize that their planet will be destroyed too in the far future. The one way of survival would be to make contact with other civilizations, including their own parents. The planet of parents is not very attractive, because it is already old and facing near extinction. Children could be tempted to abandon parents and try just to save themselves, but this might not work. If children abandon their own parents, then they themselves would likely be abandoned by own children. Therefore, it is in the interest of the whole community of Aliens, including humans on the earth, that children should not abandon parents, because they themselves would hope not to be abandoned by their own children.
      Reliance on good will of children is insufficient. There might be some mechanism of enforcement. For example, parents could withdraw some critical information needed for Immortality from their children, until they actually save them. Only after arrival to a new home, parents would disclose to children how to create Final World and organize transmigration to another New World. This mechanism would ensure that children look after parents.
      Engaged panspermia should be treated as a general mechanism for the propagation of Alien life. It is therefore the Law of Biology of the wider universe. The Law of Engaged Panspermia says that directed panspermia aiming at establishing communication and migration to a seeded life centre is a universal biological principle of propagating and maintaining life in the outer universe.

Migration on Example of the Earth

Ninavism treats Aliens as one of many possible interpretations of God(s). Accordingly, to this view, the migration of humans to an Alien's planet might be understood as travel to Final World created by God(s), as Heaven. Aliens are parents who love and want men to reunite with them. Abrahamic religions seem to teach that God(s) will arrive on the earth, rather than humans migrating to them. This is in perfect agreement with views of the Philosophy of Immortality. Arrival of God(s) is the same as migration of Aliens to the earth. Not just any Aliens, but specifically those who are parents.

Period of Time Spend on Each Planet

It took parents 3-4 billion years to start impregnation, and another 3-4 billion waiting for children to grow. In total, it is 7 billion years. It means that the planet of parents is near destruction. Therefore, the first task is saving parents by arranging their migration. Once parents have migrated, they have another 2-4 billion years on their children's planet before the next migration. So each generation of Aliens spends 6-8 billion years on their birth planet, but parents have only 2-4 billion. Once parents arrive, they all will be trying to find a new planet. Under the model of remote communications with other life centres, they are in a community of Aliens talking to them, but they are not in contact with their own children, who are still too young. Statistically, they should establish contact with their eldest children 3-4 billion years after impregnation (engaged panspermia) started, which is, on average, 1 billion years before the destruction of their birth planet. It gives them time to negotiate which of their children would take them.
      Some Aliens could be tempted to leave their birth planet immediately after finding a means of transportation, such as fast spaceships, or after establishing remote contact with other centres. The reason might be that other planets are better or last longer. However, this is against the interest of the broader community of Aliens, because the birth planet would not be used to full extent. For example, 2-4 billion years of planet use would be wasted. Anyway, the Aliens cannot migrate without explicit acceptance by the destination centre. Most likely other centres will not be willing to accommodate them, knowing that they still have 2-4 billion years of time left. The desire to leave early to a better planet could be seen as selfishness by other Aliens, and they will not allow it, even if they are children.

Multiplicity of Parents

Life on each planet might have multiple parents. This is the case if genetic materials of two or more Aliens have arrived to a given planet, and they all have contributed to variety of life. Periodic panspermia modifies biological evolution by creation of genetic novelties. For example, the first load of bacterium presumably arrived to the earth 4 billion years ago, just after formation of the planet. Then periodically new space probes or meteorites might have crashed, causing mass extinctions each time, and the rise of new species. For example, the probe that presumably arrived 7 million years ago, might have contributed to separation of humans from chimpanzees. The last probe might have arrived 70,000 years ago, contributing to the rise of modern humans from Homo Erectus or his relatives. Each probe might have been coming from the same or different Aliens. In the last case, the mankind has multiple parents.

Competition for New Habitable Planets

There is an intense competition in the cosmos among Aliens for new habitable planets. There is the possibility that multiple Aliens might be claiming to be human's parents. In such a case, which one should be given the priority? The rational solution would be to cooperate, and make agreements about who looks after whom. It is community of centres communicating with each other and making joint decisions. At present humans do not belong to this community because they are too young. However, after 10 million years, there is a hope that mankind would join that community.
      Parents with multiple children will have a choice to which children to move. They need to be very careful, because at the time they need to make the decision, none of their children have contact with their own children. It means the parents do not have a guarantee that grandchildren are ever found. If parents choose wrongly, and move to the wrong children, who will never establish contact with their own children, they all are doomed, because they have no place to migrate to. Strange Aliens could accept them, but it is not the same as their own children. So the process of migration is controlled by both children and parents. Children decide which parents to choose, and parents decide which children to select.

Separation of Aliens

After each migration, the subsequent planets will have more and more Aliens all sitting in the same place; it is accumulation of multiple generations of Aliens on the same planet. The question arises whether there would be enough space for all of them? The accumulation of Aliens is probably acceptable for a few generations, but it certainly cannot go on forever, with an infinite number of Aliens on the same planet. Since space is infinite, there are solutions. There is enough place for an infinite number of new universes, and the Big Bangs. Perhaps after a planet get too crowded, distant descendants might separate from at least some of their ancestors, and settle on a planet with just one or two generations. When that new chain becomes too crowded, then they might separate again, and so on.

God(s) as Aliens

The Philosophy of Immortality supports multiple interpretations of God(s). One of them is treating God(s) as Aliens who are considered to be the particular implementation of the idea of God(s). There are strong arguments that support this interpretation, like for example the limited power of Supernatural Forces. The details of that argument are in the chapter PROBLEM OF EVIL.
      Each major religion seems to have different God(s). Ninavism supports the view that multiple Aliens live in the universe. Under interpretation of God(s) as Aliens, God(s) of major religions correspond to different Aliens living on separate planets. The diversity of religions and God(s) on the earth creates confusion. If different God(s) correspond to separate Aliens, then that confusion could be the result of conflicting physical or spiritual signals coming out from different Aliens living on separate planets and reaching the earth simultaneously.

Revelations and Prophets

Interpretation of God(s) as Aliens assumes that they constantly try to communicate with newly developed civilizations around the Milky Way and elsewhere. The current age science cannot detect those signals. Interpretation of God(s) as Aliens provides one way of interpreting Revelations as reading information send by Aliens in an unscientific religious way.
      Prophets are people who are thought to have abilities to communicate with God(s). One interpretation is that they actually pick up signals from Aliens. The signals might be irregular. For example, they might have been strong in antiquity, but they are weak now due to a variety of reasons, such as interference from a passing parallel universe. The irregular character of signals, and the rarity of especially gifted people, would explain why there are so few Prophets in the current age. Revelations of Holy books would be part of transmissions by Aliens. However, since signals are weak, even Prophets are not able to read it clearly. That is why Holy books are incomplete and imprecise. Ninavism tries to fill the gaps in knowledge provided by Sacred texts.

God(s) Living on the Earth in the Past

Some religions state that founders of their religions are Gods, or descendants of Gods. The question arises whether they could be Gods who migrated to the earth? Interpretation of God(s) as Aliens allows retransmission of Aliens. However, mankind has not established communication with Aliens yet. Therefore, traditional founders of religions could not have been retransmitted Gods. They could have extra senses enabling them to read signals and form their own consciousness according to the wishes of external Supernatural Forces. Therefore, traditional founders of religions can be rightfully considered as God(s)' descendants, even if they did not migrate. The fact that some of them were born from the human mothers confirms this. The interpretation of founders of religions as forming their own consciousness according to instructions obtained from Aliens, does not preclude traditional theological and religious explanations. It is just one more alternative interpretation.

Readiness for Accepting Aliens as God(s)

If Aliens are interpreted as incoming Messiahs, then establishing first contacts with extra-terrestrial beings can be treated as fulfilling the religious promises. Some religious groups not only intensely observe scientific progress in astronomy, but they actively sponsor programs to establish communication with extra-terrestrial life, hoping that they are the promised God(s).
      If Aliens arrive on the earth, shall they be treated as Supernatural Forces, God(s)? Well, the easiest thing would be to ask them whether they are parents of life on the earth. The second question would be whether they are able to help humans to achieve Immortality for those alive, as well as for those who already died. If Aliens give positive answer to both questions, and prove scientifically the truth of that, then they are obviously Supernatural Forces, or Gods(s). If the answer is negative, then they are like more advanced humans, still looking for their parents and Immortality.
      When Spaniards arrived in America, they were initially treated as God(s) by some Aztecs, but actually they were not Supernatural Forces. Could this example be used in support for the rejection of Aliens as God(s)? Not really. The Aztecs did not ask Spaniards whether or not they were their parents. They also did not ask for Immortality. At the end, when Aztecs noticed some of Spaniard's weaknesses, they rejected them as God(s); this was actually their mistake. All Spaniards wanted was acceptance of a superior religion, and denunciation of human sacrifices for which Aztecs were notorious. If Aztecs accepted Spaniards as God(s) and converted to a new religion, they would have averted the destruction of their own country; it was unwise for them to resist.

Multiplicity of God(s)

Interpretation of God(s) as Aliens provides a good explanation for the idea of multiple God(s). According to this understanding, the God of each religion is a different Alien living on a separate planet. All of them might be human parents by contributing genetic material in the course of biological evolution. All of them might have communicated with humans unscientifically.

Life on the Earth After Arrival of Aliens

As a result of establishing communications with Aliens and settling disputes between religions, three basic scenarios are possible. The first one is that just one God (Aliens) arrive on the earth. The second scenario is that multiple Aliens will arrive, because they have nowhere else to go. The final one is that no Aliens will come for various reasons, such as a poor quality planet, short life expectancy before its destruction, or unresolved disputes between religions unable to find compromise on God(s).
      Life with God(s) on the earth is the aim of many traditional religions. If Final World is not constructed yet, soon after Aliens' arrival they could teach Humans of Future how to Resurrect the dead. This includes people of the current age, and all people who have died since the rise of belief in Immortality. Then Final Judgement as promised by all Abrahamic religions might take place. After that life in Final World would start. The period of living with God(s) on the earth might last 2-4 billion years, depending on the lifetime of planet. During the period of staying with God(s), Humans of Future will be busy impregnating other habitable planets.

Migration to New Planet

The final stage of life on the earth comes when Humans of Future and God(s) are ready to move to another habitable planet. It is a period of decisions and negotiations where to migrate. It might last up to a billion years, or less if destruction of the earth approaches quickly.

Survival of Fittest Life Centres

Biology of the outer universe is similar to biology on each planet. If a particular animal species in any life centre is not fit, it dies out and becomes extinct. If the entire life centre (planet) is not fit, it also becomes extinct. It means that it never reaches Immortality - it applies to all life centres and all human-like societies. This is the Law of Survival of the Fittest Life Centres for the outer universe. The similarity between competitions among species and competition among life centres is that the weakest species and planets become extinct. For example, if life on the earth never reaches Immortality while life in other centres manages to do so, then the earth can be the worst of all planets, the loser. If religions and philosophies become weak, or are abandoned by humans or next intelligent animals, then the earth might be the only life centre in the universe which does not reach Immortality.

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