Ninavism - The Philosophy of Immortality
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1. Technological Immortality
2. Final Immortality
3. Life Creation and Propagation
4. Life Centres in the Universe
5. Reincarantion Combined with Resurrection
6. Complete Model of Immortality
7. Postimmortality
8. History & Evolution of Immortality
9. Ninavism
10. Supernatural Forces
11. Problem of Evil
12. Epistemology
13. Methodology
14. Compatibilities of Immortalities
15. Heaven(s) & Hell(s)
16. Implementation of Final Immortality
17. Implementation of Present Immortality
18. Paradoxes & Puzzles of Final Immortality
19. Animals & Plants
20. Atheism
21. Population Control
22. Gays
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Summary of Chapter

Immortality Versus Afterlife

Some versions of technological Immortality eliminate a biological death. This is the ideal solution and the perfect goal to achieve. However, there are many other types of Immortalities that provide eternal life, while permitting temporary biological death. Immortality is compatible with a death provided that the period of being dead is temporary. For example, the concept of Reincarnation allows a death followed by a rebirth. The cycle of deaths and rebirths can be infinite, resulting in Immortality. Another example of Immortality is Resurrection of the dead, followed by an eternal life.
      The concept of infinite life that allows one or more temporary periods of being dead is called in this book 'relative Immortality'. Eternal life which does not allow death at all, not even a temporary one, is called 'absolute Immortality'. The standard examples are God(s) and mystical figures of ancient Greek religion who never die - it is impossible to kill them. Some technologies of the future promise absolute Immortality. More details are in the chapter TECHNOLOGICAL IMMORTALITY.

Technological Versus Supernatural Immortality

Natural Immortality is an eternal life created by natural forces; it exists in many forms which are extensively discussed in this book. Supernatural Immortality is an eternal life created by Supernatural Forces - it is described by various traditional religions. Supernatural Immortality is usually contrasted against natural Immortality, but the distinction is not absolute. The Philosophy of Immortality shows that supernatural Immortality can be considered to be a special case of natural one, under certain interpretation.
      Technological Immortality is an eternal life created by science and engineering. It is created by natural creatures such as humans or Aliens. Technological Immortality is a subtype of natural Immortality, because humans and Aliens are part of Nature. The difference between technological Immortality and natural non-technological Immortality is that achieving the first is best done by setting specific goals for the far future, under rules well known by science. Natural non-technological Immortality is outside of control by humans or Aliens, or it is run by random processes. Technological Immortality stands in contrast to supernatural in one important aspect. Technological Immortality is the task for humans or Aliens who play the active role in achieving it. Supernatural Immortality is the task left to traditional Supernatural Forces, with humans or Aliens playing only a passive role.

Final Immortality

Final Immortality is an eternal life for all people, past, present and future. It applies to those who died in antiquity, and those who are not born yet. Final Immortality is described by traditional religions. The goals of technological Immortality are restricted in the current age mainly to people who are still alive. Technological Immortality which is researched in the present age, usually does not apply to people who died in the past. It also does not apply (with some exceptions) to people who will die before the goal of technological Immortality is achieved.
      The Philosophy of Immortality interprets the concept of Final Immortality as a technological one. This interpretation coexists with a more traditional one, which is delivered by Supernatural Forces or Nature. Immortality for all people, past, present and future, is a technological and scientific goal achievable by Humans of Future or Aliens, with the help from religions or Nature. People have not yet achieved the lesser goal of technological Immortality for those who are still alive. Final technological Immortality is much more difficult. Ninavism sets the goal of achieving it in the far future. The detailed discussion is in the chapter FINAL IMMORTALITY.

Present Immortality

Present Immortality is an eternal life that already occurs in the current times. Obviously it is not absolute Immortality because people still die biologically. Present Immortality is rather Present Afterlife in a form of spiritual life directly after death, or as Reincarnation. Present Immortality is either natural or supernatural, and it is described by various religions. Ninavism presents its own models in the chapters REINCARNATION COMBINED WITH RESURRECTION, COMPLETE MODEL OF IMMORTALITY and IMPLEMENTATION OF PRESENT IMMORTALITY.
      The concepts of Immortality and Afterlife are closely related, and for that reason the Philosophy of Immortality might be also called the Philosophy of Afterlife. The last term is a narrower one, because Immortality covers more than Afterlife.

Key Points of Chapter: